on February 12, 2018
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My type! Good one Themba...
Wow.......this body is excellently shaped. My mind is running wild, imagining the moment when the dick works its magic down there......
Them child bearing hips. You just need to breed her
Perfect curves but her breasts though, betray her.
Kingston Harper
She is a fine woman (perfectly doable).... Intombi ifake isiphandla - probably one of our Zulu compatriots (ungawalahli amasiko akithi esiZulu, ntombazane)...
@Thulani, yes she is clearly not gifted in breast department. However, as far as I am concerned, her aggregate score is definately in distiction bracket. She has a perfectly sexy body.
Harepa, I fully agree with you on the issue of staying rooted in our African cultures. For me, one of the things that enhances the beauty of an African woman, is cultural attire (including our African traditional jewellery or any ornament that signifies our Africanism).
Kingston Harper
I agree with you Paulos, if she was better endowed boob-wise, she would be perfect...
I hear you Harepa. How if we consider this perspective. If perfection was a matter of being excellently good in all departments, then only few women will qualify as perfect. Wouldn't it be best if we confine perfection to departments. For instance, if a woman is excellently good in lower part of the...View More
Kingston Harper
Paulos, methinks you are dredging a matter that is already closed: with regard to beauty and 'perfection', it is each man to his own..... What I consider to be perfection (e.g. Boity Thulo - I seriosly dig that girl) is an average in another man's (e.g. Rataxx's) book. Similarly, Rataxx considers a ...View More
Paul Amen to that.