by on September 25, 2018
The very first time that I flashed anyone is also my most embarrassing flash. My sister had invited hubby and I out for a BBQ and a swim in her pool. Hubby had just purchased a new bikini for me, it was a silvery/gray and I liked the way it looked. What I didn't know was that hubby had cut the lining out of both the top and bottom. While dry it was a coolcolor and was solid. What I didn't know, (and to this day I don't even know if hubby knew), was that once it got wet it became 100% transparent...
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by on September 24, 2018
I confess- my ex fuck-buddy turned me into his little slut and I both hate and love him for it. Before I met him, I never would have dreamed of doing what he made me do, and now I find myself craving to be treated like a little slut again.It started about 5 or 6 years ago. We were, as I said, fuck buddies. At first he would ask me to send him pics, something I never thought I'd do, but there's something about him I just couldn't say no to. He'd get me to dress up in little outfits. I started out...
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by on September 23, 2018
We had been in Sasolburg over a year and it was still a very quiet town and the expats had continued to have parties that were now getting quite wild. There was lots of drinking and often many people would drink too much and misbehave them selves with members of the opposite sex. Now no one really objected to their partners flirting and even playing around a little. One or two couples had dropped out of the party scene mostly because the husbands did not like to see other men kissing their wives...
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by on November 29, 2017
It was on the 29 October 2017, when I met a young short Pedi girl at Savannah Mall. Exchanged numbers at pass 5 in the evening, and round about 9 the same night we meet at a BnB where I was booked in. She was a well built nice assed lady with a very matured big pussy lips. We kissed passionately and before I knew it, she pushed me hard into the bed. Jumped on me and said " I am the master, and you are a slave". She had a juicy lips that gives me a very sensible blowjob ever received from a woman...
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by on November 25, 2017
So I've just finished school and been working for a company as a PA.The owner was a 55 Year old white married male. I used to wonder what it would be like to feel his white cock in my tight Indian pussy. One day while typing out an email he came and stood behind me. I looked up and caught him staring down my blouse.I asked Andre, do you like what you see.His eyes surprised and shook his head yes. We were alone in the office. His wife was away for the week on business. I stood up grabbed and kiss...
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by on October 28, 2017
... We had spend the whole day naked. So he left but we we're in agreement to be in a relationship. Out of curiosity I asked him his aged and he to me that he's 21 years of age. In my head I calculated: " Oh hell no, i'm actually 4 years older than him and perhaps he was a virgin". A total of five days past without any communication from each other, simply because we we're trying to deal with the shock of our age gap. I opened my WhatsApp messenger, and I noticed he tried to reach out to me for...
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by on October 28, 2017
I once saw this young boy at church, he always had a bald head and looked up to standard. When I saw him I thought he had a stable job and perhaps a car, that is how good he looked. But I could tell that he was young. Each week he wore a different set of clothes, and after church he would not speak to anyone, he was a mystery man. Flip I was so attracted to him. One Sunday I decided to approacg him, he was sitting in the car alone and I knocked on the window and he opened while he was still spea...
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by on October 23, 2017
“Last year, as a junior in high school, I was at a house party in my buddy’s attic while his parents were out of town. We were all boozing, downing whatever beer or liquor we could skim off our parents when this girl stopped the music suddenly and announced that it was time to play Seven Minutes In Heaven. Sounds lame, maybe, but there’s not much to do in the burbs. I got tossed in the closet with this average looking girl but I was okay with it since she had above average tits. When she explain...
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by on October 23, 2017
“I was back from school for winter break when I met my mom’s new boyfriend for the first time. My parents divorced when I was five, so it wasn’t like it was traumatic or anything to meet the guy. I didn’t expect him to be so damn hot, though. He’s a personal trainer, and fit as hell—six-pack-abs-and-ripped-arms fit, like you see in advertisements for weight loss supplements and gym memberships. When he rang the doorbell one night around 6pm looking for my mom, who was out at the time, I decided ...
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by on August 10, 2017
last nite was womens day so i gone to my friend house to celebrate the day with her wen i got ther she was with her friends from we stayed outside with her friend we had sum drinks we had fun enjoying the day .She was so sexy mmmhhhh i even can"t let eye of her sexy body owh her lips wow, as time goes she was getting drunked she started holdiung me in front of her friends to come dance with her i wash bid shy but i did go and dance with her and she was getting herself out of control we...
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by on July 11, 2017
looking to meet with ladies that would like to recieve head, NSA, let me go down on you, and when done you can walk away without any obligations,
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by on March 25, 2017
..everytime i find a girlfrend, once we have a nice time ,not realy nice time i gues coz she wil screams most of the time, she break up with me for me not openly , so i lways wonder whats wrong with my machine, without sex we will be cool but hey the machine needs to be serviced.
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by on February 12, 2017
Looking for a thick lady around Springs town for friendship but with Benefits
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by on January 10, 2017
A woman went shopping. At the cash counter, she opened her purse to pay. The cashier noticed a TV remote in her purse. He could not control his curiosity and asked, "Do you always carry your TV remote with you?" She replied " No, not always, but my husband refused to accompany me shopping today because of football match, so I took the remote. *Moral :Accompany and support your wife in her hobbies.....* The story continues....The cashier laughed and then returned all the items that lady had purch...
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by on January 10, 2017
Good morning all How does one hook up with a girl or lady for sex cause i'm really in need for sex right now.
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by on April 25, 2016
Yesterday In South Africa,students of Rhodes Business school took to streets half naked in a bitter protest. Students most of which were women shamelessly exposed their breasts and many were seen chanting abusive languages. Is this a new way of protesting in Africa? If you thought what Stella Nyanzi did was criminal and disgraceful then you are mistaken,Ladies these days are yet to unleash their last drop of tactics.
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by on October 8, 2015
Ola i know with the teech there is bound to be cheating---now; YOU many married people did you fuck? so far i got two married lady (a xhosa and a shangaan) - i dont know about prostitutes (they dnt count wherther they ar maried or not -THEY ARE PUBLIC PTROPERTY) did U know the person's partner? was she/he your "family friend"? i am sometimes fucking my lady and wonder how her pussy will feel if she was fucking around? will i feel the difference? or will i feel only if she is fucked b...
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by on September 12, 2015
it was a normal day in the dry fields of Free state-- a province with less bush excpet the one between the thighs... so the indigi tribes man was hunting---then he saw the gazzel... it was behind the bush---but ready to be tamed or ravished... in this age---where the tribal green hunting methods have greatly improved, thanks to the lack of invasive european lifestyles...he called out to the doe... and invited it to spin around showing its gracious fine rumps... so--the gazzell turned and ...
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by on September 7, 2015
I made to slide it inside her p*ssy but she redirected it, bent her head and sucked my d*ck. She didn't just suck my d*ck, she licked it with her tongue. Teasing the cap round, then put a spitshine on it and gave my shaft a handjob while the cap belonged in her mouth. She had such experience, she'd perfected the art. I lost count of time. I came to myself a bit and pulled heroff, sat her down and made to insert my d*ck in her p*ssy but she refused saying "you're f*cking my sister. you can't f*ck...
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by on September 7, 2015
I looked down on her with appreciation but her eyes werestillclosed. She reached down to her p*ssy with one handandrubbed my cum all over her watered p*ssy. I got up,wore myboxer and sat down. After a while, she got up, smiled atmeand tied her wrapper, took her fish and said "see youlaterbros". I decided it was about time that i saved myselffromher so i told her that it was a mistake and that itwouldn'thappen again. She looked at me disappointedly andasked"but you go dey f*ck madam and Joy? Them...
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by on September 7, 2015
I was a bit surprised at her boldness but I didn't make any move to stop her. That was a sign that i was glad she did. She stroked it and then knelt and freed it from my boxer's entrapment. She made an "oh!" and i guessed she must be satisfied with what she saw. She put my d*ck in her mouth and rolled her toungue over the tip. Mehn.....she's got the digs. With that first impressive touch, i started wondering i her husband is crazy. She kissed it and started sucking it. I reached a hand down and ...
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by on September 7, 2015
This went on for weeks. I now intentionally tried to avoid her mum but on a few occassions when i didn't go to work, she'ld ambush me and i'ld f*ck her. Her daughter knew her mum was a bit promiscous but she didn't know what was actually going on between us so she kept f*cking me as well. I was having the best time of my life. None of my side chicks visited me again cos i was having frequent s3x whenever i needed it....infact, the s3x seemed to need me cos i'm more often the one who gets invited...
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by on September 7, 2015
She was so fiesty in her own style and she'ld often laugh and call my name in a whisper(ha ha ha ......Slevin) and suddenly ride me fast with a long hymn of "uuuuugh...... uuuuuuugh.....yeah.....fuuuuuuuuuuck". I was becoming afraid, praying she doesn't do some abracadabra stuff. I lifted her up and stood with her thinking to myself 'if this was a buggy ride, i'd better hold the reins'. Hanging her body in mid air, i started slamming her p*ssy hard from underneath, in an upward direction her unt...
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by on September 7, 2015
I invited her in and we sat and chatted and chatted like we've been doing that all along and after along while, she left. The next day was a friday, came home around 8 pm after hanging out with a couple of friends, went in and was glad the power was on. I was playing some cool music when she knocked, I invited her in and in my spirited mood, bowed and invited her to dance with me. She laughed surprisedly and obliged me. We swayed slowly and the moment just seemed right, and i knew she was feelin...
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by on September 7, 2015
She went crazy and started moaning out loud, "f*ck me, oh please f*ck me harder.....harder....yes..yes...yes" she cried. I felt pleasure knowing that 'i'm hitting it'. But the morepleasure came from watching her buttocks bounce off my d*ck. Oh! it seemed like playing with a thick baloon, slapping against my groin, giving me the happy feeling. Soon, i noticed she has stopped moving her waist and now kept it still, welcoming my thrusts with either a wave of her hand or a shake of the head or slapp...
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by on September 7, 2015
As the thoughts crossed my mind, I felt my junior stir and woke up from his slumber as if he was commanded "Arise little one". Mind you he's not little in any way. She noticed it and smiled, then said "I knew from the way you dey f*ck those girls, you carry big prick". Bearing the encouragement no more, Junior arose in his might and in anger so that all who saw him might tremble in fear. I simply stood there contemplating on what to do when my landlady sighed, looked at me and sat down on my cou...
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by on September 7, 2015
I live in a compound of 5 tenants minus the landlord and his family. My landlady is an Ikwerre woman, a voluptious average bodied woman with a nice set of racks. She has 1 boy and 3 girls. All are grown. This woman seem to be the heart of our problem in the compound. Her husband isa cool man who overlooks simple things but this woman will fight for everything to make sure everyone understands that it is her compound. Everything.....water, parking space, light bill, etc. I never really found myse...
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by on April 7, 2015
Over the past few weeks Pulane Lenkoe has been getting unwanted attention all thanks to a bitter ex. If you don’t know who Pulane is let’s give you a quick briefing. Pulane Lenkoe is a 21-year-old student currently dating Orlando Pirates player Thandani Ntshumayelo. For the past few weeks Pulane has been getting a lot of social media attention after an ex of hers leaked a nude on his twitter account. Seen then Pulane’s social following has grown 10 times more than what she had before her nude ...
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by on March 25, 2015
This is a story of my friend Fucking the Boss Wife. I always wanted to fuck my boss' wife. Her husband was cheating on her and he used me to organise and create all the lies about his trips and meetings. One Friday the boss asked me a favour to drop her wife at home bcos he got a business meeting, I knew about the meeting because I was the one who organised it, he was going out for a weekend with one of the employee he was cheating with and they are only returning on Sunday. I took the wife ho...
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by on February 23, 2015
I was drugged at a bar. I have foggy glimpses of awaking with two men in my room. I remember crying for my mom and dad. I awoke late the next day and began having flashbacks. I had horrible pain in my groin. I have nightmares one year later. The trauma was too much and i ended having a psychotic break..I couldn't trust anyone. Therapy saved my life, my spirit, my sanity. If anyone has been raped and hasn't recieved therapy, all I can say is it wont make it better, but it will give you peace.
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by on February 13, 2015
Episode 1 We meet a young lady, she goes by the name of Yoza but her real name is Yongama. She is currently a young adult in her mid 20’s. She has one child and she lives in her own flat in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg. She has a decent job and is maintaining her life very well. Her child lives at home with her parents in EC and she goes there regularly to visit them and makes sure they are well to do. She is also a graduate and she had been doing great in her studies. Now let us look ...
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by on December 28, 2014
i want nude photos of these girls coz i cant get it maybe one of you guys can get it and help me out plss whatsapp contacts - ammaarah savhl - 084 648 0229 Amber - 081 847 8289 Annie - 078 423 8272 Batie - 071 045 8329 Chantal - 061 199 3476 Caity - 079 906 9028 Farren - 078 361 4502 Tammy - 083 582 3483 Regitze - 073 572 1295 ...
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by on December 9, 2014
Tatana Xikwembu xa le matilweni, ni titsongahata emahlweni ka n’wina namunthla hikwalaho ka xiphiqho lexi mi xi tivaka. Ina whe Hosi wa xitiva xiphoqho xa mina hikuva hi wena u nga ni endla na xona. Ni vulavula hi xirho lexi nga xikarhi ka mathanga ya mina, lexi loko xi kala xi sungula ku tshavatana ni tsandzekaku no etlela kufika laha ni xi khomakhomaka ni xi miyeta. Tatana ma swi tiva leswaku ni n’wana lonene mara loko xitombo xa mina xi sungule ku navela mbolo vunene hinkwabyo byi haha hi fa...
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by on December 4, 2014
Everytime I went to see ma Gf,her mom always wanted more attention.Somme the 1st nyte I went there she greeted me with a kiss and when the toppie got home,I realised why.He was an old man already and the age diffrence between them were about 35 years.I got that info a couple of nights after my 1st house visit from my gf.As time went by,I saw and realised the fact that her mom didnt wear a towel or so whenever she came out of the bathroom. I didnt tell my gf about it coz I liked what I saw.One da...
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by on December 1, 2014
For women seeking abortion solution and help at very low costs 100% Guaranteed it’ssafe, pain free and a same day service and It Is A 45 Minutes Procedure, we use tested abortion pills and we dowomb cleaning as well. we operate from 1 week to 5 months. contacts us onDr.kelly 0783431987 for more info:visit our site email
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by on November 14, 2014
We live in the eastern cape, ma dad works as a game warden. Lastyear when i was 21 dad married ma stepmom who was then 27 sheis a sexy young lady. Dad sometimes stays away for weeks. Lastjune i admired and became lustful, heavily craving to fuck ma stepmom. Luckily i learnt that she was also horney. It was on a sundaywhen dad had already left for work, i thought of not wasting this chance, i started walking arround the house in ma BVDs which shewthe unresistable big tool of mine. To ma suprise a...
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