Dansile Khoza
by on September 23, 2018
We had been in Sasolburg over a year and it was still a very quiet town and the expats had continued to have parties that were now getting quite wild. There was lots of drinking and often many people would drink too much and misbehave them selves with members of the opposite sex. Now no one really objected to their partners flirting and even playing around a little. One or two couples had dropped out of the party scene mostly because the husbands did not like to see other men kissing their wives, but there were still about 10 or 12 couples who quite happily joined in the fun. Some of the more popular parties were at Billie and Trevor’s place, Trevor was quite reserved but Billie was always full of fun and quite sexy. She also like to encourage other people to be more adventurous and to be a bit naughty and she was always inventing party games that involved a lot of kissing and even a bit of groping each other by the participants. So of course her parties were always popular especially with a couple of contractors who were the only unattached men who were invited and clearly loved the opportunity to get their hands on other peoples wives. But it was mostly harmless fun and even the husbands did not complain too much about these guys flirting with their wives. Then one weekend Billie announced, “We will all have a few drinks then later on when we are all getting in the mood I want to make things a bit more exciting tonight. There are quite a lot of comfortable seats and I have added a few big beanbags that people can get comfy on. Then I am going to put all the lights out and I want all the men to find a seat, then when you are all settled the girls will go and find a seat with a man. I don’t want anyone saying anything to find someone else that they fancy it needs to be completely random. The lights will stay out for about an hour so you can all have a bit of fun.” So after a couple of hours of drinking dancing and flirting, Billie said, ” ok time for a bit of fun, you all know what to do.” Out went the lights and after a couple of minutes she called, ” are all you guys ready and waiting?” A chorus of yes’s, “ok girls go and find yourself a man. After a couple of minutes a woman touched me and finally she was sitting on my knee. I soon realised that it was June and that she liked a bit of fun. We kissed and I started to explore her body she wasn’t wearing a bra and I was enjoying myself kissing her and feeling her breasts. When the light went on, I was startled but I quickly looked around for Maureen, she was on a beanbag with Alan and there was a quick flurry of movement as he removed his hand from where it had been, up my wife’s skirt. “That’s not fair,” someone shouted, “we were supposed to have an hour in the dark.” “I just wanted to see how you were getting on,” said Billie and the lights went out again. This game soon became very popular and it was obvious that everyone enjoyed a bit of extra marital sexual contact although I don’t think anyone was actually shagging, they were too worried about the light going on suddenly. This continued for a few weeks and no one complained which was surprising I had been sure that someone would get jealous and stop coming. Then we were at another of Billies parties and she announced, “tonight we will have a slight variation, more or less the same game but one couple will get a bit more privacy in my bedroom for an hour.” She played some silly game to pick the couple and they disappeared into the bedroom together. The rest of us were in the dark as usual and although we were all having a bit of sexy fun we were also listening to see if we could hear what was happening in the bedroom, but the couple in there were keeping quiet. The same thing happened the next week and I am sure that the men especially told their mates what had happened no one knew for sure what had really happened between them in Billie’s bedroom. At the next party Billie again picked out the couple who were to be alone together, “line up girls,” she told them. “When I tell you all lift your skirts and the one with black panties goes into the bedroom.” There were two women wearing black panties, one was my wife and the other one was June. “Looks like we need a tie break,” Billie said. “Ok you two lift you skirts again and go around the room and let the guys have a good look at your knickers. When you have all had a good look you will vote for the lady who is wearing the sexiest panties, and she goes into my bedroom to wait for a man.” Maureen and June walked to each man in turn and they both did a little twirl like models do so the men could see their panties from all angles. They both got very close to each of the men in turn and it was obvious that both of them really fancied an hour in Billie’s bedroom with a man other than their husbands.
When they came to me I could see the stray pubic hairs that were peeping out of their panties, both of them were wearing frilly see through panties but Maureen’s were very tight so that we could all see the outline of her fanny. ” Ok, now you vote,” said Billie, “hands up for June,” three hands went up, now hands up for Maureen.” Eight men including me put their hands up. ” Ok Maureen wins, off you go to the bedroom and don’t forget, you have to spend at least an hour with another man. Of course if you are enjoying yourself you can stay in there as long as you like. Right, now how do we pick the lucky man who will have Maureen all to himself for at least an hour?” Several men shouted out there ideas, and Mel said, “why don’t you pick the guy who is most turned on by the thought of having Maureen alone for an hour?” “How am I supposed to do that?” “Easy just check them out yourself.” “Oh I see what you mean ok, here I come,” she went to the nearest man and felt his crotch. “Hmm he is interested,” she felt each man in turn, when she got to me, she said, “you don’t need checking,” “no but I don’t mind if you do, she felt around and seemed surprised to find that I was half erect.” Now what can be getting you excited I wonder,” she whispered to me. She moved on and when she came to Mel she announced, “no need to go any further, Mel obviously fancies Maureen. Off you go Mel and try to give us some indication of how things are going.” “Ok I will do my best.” For about ten or twelve minutes things were quiet, then the bedroom door opened a few inches and Mel threw something into the room, Billie picked it up, “Maureen’s Tee-shirt,” she told us, something else flew out of the bedroom, “Ah Maureen’s skirt, I wonder what will be next.” We did not have to wait very long, the bedroom door opened again and two flimsy black articles dropped beside her. “That looks like Maureen’s bra & panties, I don’t think that there is any doubt about what those two will soon be doing.” She was of course quite correct and within a couple of minutes we heard the first faint creak of the bedsprings. Then the creaking settled into that rhythmic pattern that told me and everyone else present that Mel was fucking my wife in Billie’s bed. For nearly fifteen minutes it continued at the same speed. “Mel is certainly enjoying himself,” Alan remarked. “I knew that he wanted her when I felt him, he had a big hard on before he even got chosen to go with Maureen,” Billie commented, “now be quiet I want to hear if Maureen is enjoying it as much as Mel is.” Sure enough a few moments later we heard the first faint sighs and moans from my wife. The speed of the bedsprings creaking immediately increased and my wife’s moans turned to squeals of pleasure, this seemed to get Mel going at it even harder. On and on it went and he must have fucked my wife for over forty minutes before the noises reached a crescendo. Then they slowed almost to a stop and we all knew that Mel had cum up my wife and was just giving the last few slow pushes up her as he finished cuming. “Jesus,” a voice said, “he certainly gave her a good seeing to.” Billie leaned over to me and said quietly, “do you think that they will be coming out now?” ” No chance, we all heard them really enjoying having sex and both of them will want to do it again.” Just then the bedroom door opened and for a moment I thought that I had been wrong, then Mel came out in only his shorts, “don’t get excited folks, Maureen wants a drink so I have come out to get a couple of beers.” He picked up two cold bottles and returned to my wife in the bedroom. The door closed behind him and about ten minutes later the bedsprings started to creak again. This time it went on even longer, we all listened to Mel fucking my wife again for nearly an hour and if anything they made even more noise than they had the first time. Eventually they both came out together, Mel was dressed but my wife had only a towel wrapped around her waist, and she was naked from the waist up. We could all see the love bites on her neck and breasts, then she said, “ok where are my clothes?” Billie picked up my wife’s clothes and handed them to her. “You should be more careful what you do with them when you get undressed, what would you have done if there had been a fire alarm? When she was dressed Maureen came and sat on my knee, “are you alright?” She asked, “yes of course I am.” “Could you hear much out here?” “Hear much, I bet they could hear you two a couple of streets away.” She giggled and told me, “well we were both really enjoying ourselves, especially the second time,” her voice dropped to a whisper, “and he does have a nice big cock.” We had a couple more drinks and I couldn’t help notice that my wife kept looking across at Mel who was now sitting alone. “What is the matter? Is there something that you want to tell me?” “No not really, but I am just surprised that Mel did not ask if he could see me again.” So do you want to see him again?” Hmm, yes I would like to, but most men do ask for a date after a session like that.” “Well maybe he thinks that you maybe can not get out alone, maybe he thinks I let it happen because it is part of Billie’s games, after all I don’t believe that you are the only wife who let another man fuck her in that bedroom.” “Yes I suppose that could be it, I wish I could talk to him again.” I still had a hard on so I said,”Well go to him and let him know that you are interested in a repeat performance.” “Are you sure that you don’t mind?” “Go on before I change my mind.” She jumped up and went over to Mel, she climbed onto his knee and he immediately wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. They snogged for a few minutes and then I could see them whispering to each other. Billie came and sat on my knee, “do you think that we have started something serious with those two?” “I am sure that we have,” “well I better warn you. Mel will want to see a lot more of your Maureen,” “I think he saw all of her earlier tonight.” “I’m not joking you know that I had an affair with him.” “Yes, I think everyone knew about it,” “Well you understand about Trev and I, Trev will screw anything in a skirt and I had an affair with Mel. Trevor didn’t mind me having a bit on the side if it was only sneaking off for an hour or so to have a quick shag. But Mel wanted a lot more, he wanted to see me 3 or 4 times a week and he wanted me to spend a long time with him each time.. Now to be honest I would have enjoyed that but Trev didn’t want me to be Mel’s girlfriend, which is what Mel wanted.” “I see, so you are telling me that Mel will probably want to see Maureen very often and that he will want to have her in his bed for quite a long time every time. How long will he want her to stay with him?” “As long as possible he actually asked me to spend the whole night with him.” “So you think that he will want to do that with Maureen?” “I am sure that he will, so if you don’t like the idea, you will need to nip it in the bud early on. Look at them now, they obviously still fancy each other even after spending all that time fucking earlier on. Then of course I am sure your Maureen enjoyed herself when he was fucking her tonight, I know I always did, so she might like the idea of getting it regularly with Mel.” “Ok, thanks for telling me I will keep it in mind but I will wait and see what Maureen says. I don’t mind too much if she is having a good time.” “Oh she will certainly have a good time if Mel is fucking her regularly.” A few minutes later Maureen came back to me and told me, “I am going home with Mel tonight and I might be late.” “How late?” “I am not sure,” “would you like to spend the night with him,” “ooh yes, that would be lovely, thanks luv, I will see you tomorrow then.” She gave me a peck on the cheek then went back to Mel, he immediately stood up and they left together. Of course everyone in the room realised that Mel and Maureen were going to spend the night together. The next day of course it was Sunday so I was not surprised that it was almost lunchtime before my wife arrived home. I gave her a kiss and asked, “did everything go well then?” “Yes it was great, Mel is very fit and we did it twice more before we went to sleep. Then this morning I jumped on top of him and we lasted for ages before he cum up me again, but I had a lot of orgasms while I was doing all the work. Then we discussed things and what we both wanted to do and we have agreed to see each other regularly from now on. But I don’t want to tell you all about what we have agreed because Mel is going to pick me up about eight tonight and he wants to tell you what we will be doing himself.” So I waited to hear from my wife’s new lover what they had arranged between them, I already had a good idea from my conversation with Billie and I knew that whatever it was I would not object to any of it. So that evening Mel arrived a bit early, “hi Baz, has Maureen told you what she and I have agreed that we are going to be seeing each other regularly from now on?” ” Yes she did say that you will be seeing each other more than once a week but that is all she told me.” “Good, I wanted to tell you myself so that there are no misunderstandings. For a long time I have been looking for a suitable wife, not in the sense that I wanted another woman to get married to. I tried that once and as you know we are getting divorced. No I was looking for someone else’s wife, an attractive sexy married woman who would be available go to bed with me any time that I wanted her. I had an affair with Billie but Trevor would not allow her to visit me very often although he didn’t really object to me fucking her. Actually I did not think that I would ever find the ideal wife. But the on Saturday I got the opportunity to get Maureen into bed at Billie’s, of course I had always fancied her but I didn’t think it would be possible to make a permanent arrangement with her. Then of course when I did get her into bed it was the best fuck I had since Billie and I certainly enjoyed it but for some reason I did not think it would be possible to see her either regularly or often enough. Then I saw her get off your lap and she came over to me and when she started kissing me as soon as I grabbed hold of her I started to think that Maureen might be the one that I have been looking for. I realised that she was interested in more than a quick fuck. Then the fact that you allowed her to come back to me in front of all those people when I had already spent a couple of hours fucking her meant that you might not object to me having an affair with your wife. Any way as I was saying I was looking for a married woman, single women can be a nuisance if you start fucking them regularly they all have marriage in mind. So this morning Maureen and I discussed what we both wanted and out desires were very similar. I want a pretty sexy married woman who would be available for sex anytime I want her and your wife was looking for a lover who would really satisfy her in bed. It didn’t take us long to decide on an arrangement that suits us both, neither of us wanted to risk the chance of a divorce. Maureen says that she loves you but needs more sex and as I said I wanted a married woman in my bed regularly. So from now on Maureen is still your wife during the day, you will provide all the material things that she needs. You will provide the house and everything in it, you will buy her clothes and things, oh by the way while I am thinking about your wife’s clothes. I want you to buy her lots of sexy clothes so that she looks good when I take her out in the evenings and of course sexy undies for when I am undressing her, I do love sexy undies. Then at night she will be my wife so that we can both have satisfying sex together, not every night of course but I will want her in my bed three or four nights every week. Maureen thinks this is a great arrangement, don’t you darling?” “Oh yes it is exactly what I want, two men looking after me, Baz providing everything that I need for a good life and Mel fucking me and really satisfying me in bed almost every night. What more could any woman ask for?” ” There is just one more thing,” Mel told me, ” I am not into any kinky stuff, you know what I mean I don’t want to be sharing her with the three of us in bed or you watching us fucking or anything like that. Maureen will be my girlfriend and when we get together it will be just us two having a good night in bed together, and fucking all night.”
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