Given Nkosi
by on February 13, 2015
Episode 1

We meet a young lady, she goes by the name of Yoza but her real name is Yongama. She is currently a young adult in her mid 20’s. She has one child and she lives in her own flat in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg. She has a decent job and is maintaining her life very well. Her child lives at home with her parents in EC and she goes there regularly to visit them and makes sure they are well to do. She is also a graduate and she had been doing great in her studies.

Now let us look back to where this lady comes from till she got to where she is, as the story begins.


Yoza came to Pretoria when she was 19 to do her first year at TUT. She had no child at the time and she was still a virgin, even though she had a boyfriend from home. She had promised him that she would cut the cake for him when she returned for the first time for holidays and he had been okay with that. At TUT she was living with some girls who were older than her and they always talked about sex.

She always wondered what sex was like and she could not wait to start doing it. Over the first Easter holidays she gave it up to her boyfriend, and to her surprise it was not as good as she had expected. She thought maybe something was wrong with her. Upon going back to school she told her friends everything.

“No chomi, nothing is wrong with you. Your man just doesn’t know how to do it. You need to get you someone who will know how to work that thing. And you on the other hand you need to also work that a**. You can not just expect him to do everything. Just make sure you get a kind of man that is…” They continued explaining to her what sort of a guy would be good in bed, from which tribe were guys good and what not. Yoza listened with much interest and she was looking forward to experiencing the greater sex on her own. But she would not dare cheat on her boyfriend.

It happened that during June holidays, she found out that her boyfriend from EC had been cheating all along. Despite the love that she had for him and the fact that she had kept herself just for him, even though she could have dated other guys from Pretoria. After getting hurt like that by her boyfriend she decided that men were not worth loving. The next guy she would be with, she definitely would not love.

Going back to Pretoria, she was studying at Main campus and staying in the CBD, so everyday she used to walk from her flat to Arcadia campus, catch a bus then off to the main campus. That was her routine. She would go on church street past the shops there. One day as she was looking for a tv she went in another furniture shop that she had seen cheaper tv’s at. When she got in the sales man welcomed her.

“Yes my sister, what can I help you?” She told him she wanted a tv. The guy was young, could be in his mid 20’s and Yoza noticed that his lips were pinkish and he was very cute. Her heart started beating fast and she was all nervous. “I am looking, I want err… I want to…. A, a, I want to buy a tv” she said nervously. “I have got all sorts of tv’s” the sales man went on showing her all different tv’s and their prices. And Yoza still hadn’t decided what tv she wanted. Not that she had been concentrating on whatever the guy was saying. She had been looking at his lips and examining his body, his movements and everything.

She thought she now understood what a sexy guy was. The guy was slim, he was wearing a pair of jeans and a company shirt. The belt around his waist was not tight so as he moved it was almost like he was intentionally shaking his waist seductively because the loose belt would slightly move, whenever he moved. “So which one would you like?” the guy said while poking her on her shoulder. She got a shock and realised she had been day dreaming and did not hear a word the guy had been saying. “I haven’t decided.” She said. “You should come back next time. I know you go past here everyday” The guy said with a smile. That sent her blood ruhing. So the guy had noticed her while she walked from school.

“Can I take your number? So I can call before I come to see if the tv’s are still here” she said. She really meant it. She did not want to come back to the shop and find tv’s out of stock. The sales guy had no problem; he gave her his business card. And she learned that his name was Mpho. “And I am Yongama, I am telling you so that when I call you can recognise me”.

Let me mention that Yoza had never been a typical (according to stereotype) rural girl. She always had great sense of style and she had absolutely no problem blending in with the locals when she got to Pretoria.

Episode 2

Yoza went out f that shop, unable to keep her mind off how good looking the sales guy was. She could not wait to tell her friends. She did not know why she felt the edge to tell her friends, but she had to anyway. They needed to know it. Mpho was sexy and the word was to be spread, she thought.

She got to her flat and put down her school bag then ran to her friends’ flat. It was already in the afternoon and the girls had already gathered in that flat for their afternoon tv session. “So today ladies, I saw a hunk! He was so cute” Yoza said out of the blue. They all looked at her interested; they all threw questions at her. “Where? Did he take your numbers? When will we see him? Did you kiss him?” the girls were very enthusiastic and they asked all these questions in between laughs.

“Listen girls, do not rush me. So I got to this furniture shop at church street. You know mos how I want a tv?” She started telling them. They were nodding and looking at her eyes while she was telling the story. That is how it was with these girls when they talked about guys. “So I saw this sales person, his name is Mpho! Yhooo ladies. You know mos how I never understand how you ladies say guys are sexy, today I understood. All the time he was talking I was just imagining crazy stuff we would do together” All the girls laughed in agreement to understanding what she meant.

“We must see him. You have never talked like this about a guy before. How can we trust you? We have to see him” One girl said. The other responded. “But ladies, if she said she was charmed, them I am sure she was. But I would love to see him as well.” The 3rd girl said ”okay okay, okay, enough with verifications. Here is an important question Yoza, did you give him your numbers?” Yoza looked blankly at the girls and they all looked at her waiting. “Did you?” one asked. “I took his business card, but not for ‘that reason’ you guys. I took his business card so next time I go to the shop I can call him and ask about the stalk” She explained.

The girls continued talking about other things, mainly about guys and other people they all knew from school. Then after Generations Yoza and Amish who were not living in that flat left for their own flats.

Days went past and Yoza rarely thought about Mpho, but every time she went past that shop where he worked she would peep just a little bit inside to see if she could spot him and her heart would go racing. The month end came and the money to buy herself a tv was then enough. She wondered if she could call Mpho or just go to the shop. She decided to call him, so that if he was not working that day she would not go. She wanted to go to that shop only if Mpho was there and she could refresh her eyes on his sexy body.

“Hello” A guy’s voice said on the other side of Yoza’s line.
Yoza: hello, can I speak to Mpho from Ekhaya furnitures?
Mpho: This is him, how may I help you
Yongama just imagined him saying that in person. How she would just tell him “Yes, help me. Grab me here. Sheb it her lip and woke up from the day dream, soon enough before the guy asked if she was till there. “This us Yongama, I came to your shop looking for a tv two weeks ago. I am wondering if you still have the stalk”. She said with her eyes closed trying her best to sound normal. “Oh, Yongama. I remember you. Yes the tv’s are still available. You can pop in anytime.” He said. Then Yoza told him she was going to get over that afternoon after her classes.

“Hi” she said with a smile. “Hey, Yongama. Come on in, I have something I ma sure you will like” He said while showing him inside. “You can call me Yoza” she said, trying to sound social. Mpho just looked at her with a smile. She welcomed the look by starring at him for about 2 seconds and at the same time they both turned their eyes away. He went to show her the tv’s and Yoza could sense that there was some sort of uncomfortability(sp) within him. His voice was not so strong anymore and he was speaking rather softly.

So anyway she pointed to the tv that she wanted and he gave her a form to fill in while he was sitting on the other side of the table. When she was done he took the form “Mmm, so you were calling me with your phone earlier?” he asked. Yoza heard that the confidence in his voice was back, but he was not using his sales man tone. “Yes, why?” she responded. “Nothing much, I am going to the stadium this weekend. Was wondering if you would go with, I will be by myself. “Yoza laughed. She did not know what t think. Was the guy serious or was he just creating a conversation.

Anyway she said “Hahahahah, you got my number mos. Ask me properly” she said then she felt awkward. What was these things that she was doing and saying? Yes the guy was hot and all. But did she have to avail herself so much? “Yes why not, it’s not like I would be hurting anyone” She was still thinking. Heprocessed the order in silence and Yoza kept quite to while she was just thinking how she really would not mind a round or 2 wit this guy. The order was finalised and her tv was going to be delivered the next day afternoon.

On her way out she could not say anything else that was out of the ordinary. She was feeling very awkward and silly, so she left with just “Thank you Mpho”

Episode 3

“We saw the Mpho guy. I understand why Yoza was so taken” Cindy said that afternoon when the were all watching the tv in her flat. “You are lying Cindy, where did you see him?” Yoza responded in defence, she felt rather shy. “No, don’t be so defensive, he is really cute. He works at Ekhaya furniture. And well he has a name tag” Cindy’s flat mate said. He is really something girl, well if you are into skinny guys” Cindy said. She had always said she preferred men with some meat. She could not handle a bag of bones, as she called the skinny guys.

Yoza however did not comment anymore. She was shy and afraid at the same time. The whole afternoon she had been wondering if the Mpho guy would call her. While the girls were still arguing about skinny and fit guys Yoza’s phone rang. “It’s him” she shouted. They all looked excited as if Mpho was calling all of them. “Answer it, say ‘baby. I want to get dirty with you’” Amish said. “No no, answer it and say ‘so glad you called. I have undying love for you’”. “She does not love him. She is just lusting over his skinny ass.” Cindy said in a ‘whatever’ tone. While they were doing that Yoza answered the phone and stood on her feet. They all started shouting “Hello sbari” Yoza quickly went into the bathroom and locked the door. She knew that they probably followed her and were standing on the door.

“Sorry about that. I had to get away from my crazy friends. How are you?” she said apologetically to the caller. “Hahahaha, yeer, ama friends wakho ayaphapha yong (your friends are forward)” he said jokingly. He was calling about the upcoming weekend, telling her that he had been serious about the stadium thing. Yoza said she was totally okay with that as she had nothing planned. Then the call ended. She went out of the bathroom and to her surprise the girls were sitting in front of the tv. So they did not eaves drop after all.

“So? What was he saying? When is he going to drop them pants?” Amish asked. “hahahaha Amish, stop being silly. So girl you are going to the stadium neh?” Cindy said. Yoza cursed under her breath. Damn it. They did listen to her. “Sies man nina. Why listen to private conversations?” she asked them. “As if you do not do it” Cindy said. Then they all started talking at once… Eventually that day was over too.

Over the week Mpho called once on Thursday, confirming if they were still on for the weekend, also reminding her that she should wear jeans or track pants and some tekkies. Yoza got that and understood. The girls n the other hand did not stop about her “date” and telling her about the do’s and don’ts. “If you want him on that Saturday then let nothing stop you” that was one of the tips she was getting.

She was considering all oft hem. She did not know what was going to happen between her and Mpho but what she was sure of was that Mpho looked tasty. If he moved the way she saw her moving, while on top of her, she sure would be the happiest girl alive. “yes I am lusting over him, so what” she heard herself thinking out loud as her conscience started reminding her that there was something called lust and there was love, where was she. “I definitely can not say I love the guy. I hardly know him. Uyandichaza nje qha (he is just charming)” those were her thoughts.

Eventually Saturday came and Mpho called her in the morning that she should be ready by 11 o’clock so they could beat the que to get in Loftus stadium. At 11 he said he was downstairs. She went there, wearing a pair of jeans, a Buccaneer t-shirt and an Allstar. He smiled and made a joke about her Pirates t-shirt. “But today kudlala I Sundowns ne Celtic” he said. Yoza was embarrassed a bit, she thought quickly and said, “yeah I knew that. But I am a Bucks fan”. They were going to take a taxi to Loftus as Mpho did not own a car. So along the way he was going on about how on that day she should be supporting Sundowns along with him. She agreed, but did not take off her shirt.

The game went well and Sundowns won. Mpho said that called for a celebration. He proposed that they bought some alcohol and go back to his place. Yoza had never been to his place and she asked if she could call her friends so she could be with them. Mpho was okay with that and he called his own friends as well. Cindy and others were given the address as Mpho’s flat was also in the CBD and they walked there. They all got there at the same time. It was around 7 in the afternoon when they finally settled down in Mpho’s flat.

Mpho’s friends came with more alcohol and it was a jolly good evening. Yoza and Mpho had been giving each other a dirty eye the whole time and Yoza admitted within herself that the chemistry was fantastic. Things she could do to him could only happen in her deepest fantasies. These thought always got her to a dead end when she would think about the little experience she had with sex. But that never stopped her from longing for this guy. She did not consume much alcohol and noticed that Mpho was not drinking too much either.

Through out the evening she also learned that Mpho was a great dancer and he had been showing off his moves and that made Yoza to lust for him even more. At around 10/11, Yoza’s friends wanted to leave and they told her. Mpho was sitting down on the couch at that time and Yoza went and sat next to him. He held her by the waist and pulled her towards him. “What’s up?” he asked, “My friends want t leave” she said. “My guys can accompany them then.” He said and he called one of his friends and told him what was up and the guy called the girls and the rest of the other guys “let us go”

The girls gave Yoza “a look” but she did not move. She just looked them back an made a sign with her hand saying “just go”. She had made up her mind; she was spending the night there. She was not drunk, she was not even tipsy. Mpho as well did not appear to be drunk at all. She did not care that Mpho did not say out loud that he wanted her to stay over, he only suggested it by excluding her when he was talking about “accompanying”. She was 90% sure that he wanted her as much as she did. If he did not want her then too bad; she was not leaving that flat until she tasted a bit of him.

A little voice in her head would be there saying “what has got into you?” and she would just ignore that voice.

Meet the characters

Yongama (Yoza): The main character. She is fly but does not talk too much. Can be shy in awkward situations but generally she is not shy. Very open minded and likes to experience new things. She is the youngest in her group of friends; she is 19 while the others are 20 and 21. She parties when there is an invitation. She takes alcohol occasionally. She is a non smoker and she is currently doing her first year in TUT and lives alone in a bachelor flat.

Amanda (Amish): She is 20 years. She is friends with Yoza. She talks too much and has a protective personality over her friends. She also drinks occasionally, parties when invited and she does not smoke. She is also doing her first year. She is also from EC but she only met Yoza in PTA because they all lived in the same floor.

Sindiswa (Cindy): She is 21 and doing first year in a different course from the one she had been doing the previous year. She also, like the others, drinks and parties occasionally. She smokes sometimes when she is drunk. She is not quite but also does not talk too much like Amanda. She is a straight talker kind of a person and rarely sugar coat. She comes from the same town as Amanda but they only got closer in Pretoria. She is the one who had a tv since she had been there longer and so naturally her friends watched tv in her flat. She did not mind, her flat mate never complained either.

Cindy’s flat mate: She does not have a name yet. She is not a friend in this group. She is just Cindy’s flat mate and the girls can talk openly in front of her. She has her own circle of friends. She is about the same age as Cindy. She is also Xhosa (not clear where she comes from).

Mpho: Ahh Mpho is Mpho, about 23/24 years of age and he works as a sales man. I also don’t know much about him…

Episode 4

After everyone had left, it was only her and Mpho that remained. Now the situation became awkward as everything was clear about what should happen next. Mpho did not waste time, he kissed her while taking off her clothes. She did not mind this, even though she secretly admitted that she would have preferred a little romancing. Not that it mattered much. She had been dreaming about him the whole day that day and the moment was there. Now all she had to do was to open up and see if this guy could do what he had been doing in her dreams.

In a matter of a few minutes, her clothes were off and she was left with only her underwear’s. She assisted in taking off his clothes as well. She noticed that his member was not bad at all. And it was circumcised. That turned her on even worse. When all his clothes were off he prompted her to go down on him. She shook her head and went on with the kissing while positioning herself on a lying position on the couch. The guy did like wise and the game began…

After the first round, they did not necessarily cuddle. Yoza was just thinking if she should go right then or wait for him to react. He got off on top of her, took off the condom and went to throw it in the bin while naked. While he was away Yoza sat up and started wearing her clothes. “Are you not going to stay the night?” Mpho asked when he noticed her putting n her clothes. Yoza had enjoyed the round they had. It was worth it, but she was not sure if she should stay for more. But then she thought that she would not mind.

She did not know if now this guy thought she was his girlfriend or something. She also just did not know if she wanted a boyfriend at the time. Little voice said “You just had sex with the guy, what do you mean you are not sure if you want him as a boyfriend?” The sound of that confused Yoza. She had sex with the guy, in her books he was supposed to be her boyfriend. “eish”, she said out loud, “I have to go to church tomorrow morning” she said as a response to Mphoza’s question. “Come Yoza, your flat is right here. I am sure you can make it in time” he said coming to sit next to her.

Yoza decided to stay then. And around midnight they went to bed. They fell asleep after another round and Mpho started snoring really loud. Yoza was a very light sleeper so she woke up every 10 minutes or so due to his snoring. She could not wait for the morning. She had had enough of the snoring and it was just totally out.

In the morning she woke up around 6am and went to the bathroom. She used a towel that she found there and wiped her face then she rinsed her mouth. She could not wait to get out of there and get on with her life. She went back to the bedroom and made sure all of her clothes were on her body then she woke Mpho who was still asleep. But the snoring was not so bad anymore. He woke up “What time is it?” he asked in a sleepy voice. “It is late. I have to go” she responded sounding like someone in a hurry.

Mpho reached out for his phone and looked at the time, and then he complained that it was still very early. Yoza wanted to hear none of it, she wanted to leave at that instant. Mpho said he had hoped to get some ‘mornings’ and Yoza still stood there stubbornly. Eventually Mpho gave up and he woke up, put on his clothes and he accompanied her to her flat. He turned by the entrance and she went to the lift by herself

When she got to her place she took a shower. While standing there with water splashing all over her body she thought about what had happened the previous day. She just totally slept with a guy she had just met and it was good. Yes it was good, Mpho delivered as expected. Not that she knew much about sex, but what she experienced was definitely so much better than what her EC ex bf had been giving her, even though they only had sex a few times. Amazingly she was not feeling bad at all about what she did. She just regretted that she left without the ‘mornings’.

When she was done with the shower there was a knock on her door. She opened and Cindy and Amanda went inside her flat pushing one another. She knew what they wanted to know. “So miss slutty you, what did you get up to?” Amish asked with a naughty tone. “No, we know that what she got up to Amanda, let us ask the right questions here. How many rounds and was he good?” Cindy said. “Yes, yes, and what positions did you guys do?” Amanda and Cindy went on like that and Yoza started getting shy. They mocked her about that as well. “What did you do? Why do you look like you want to cry?”

Eventually they managed to get a smile from Yoza and she loosened up. Then she said “Well all I can say is what was in the cover was definitely what was inside the box. That is all I am saying” The she got an sms on her phone, when she took it she saw that it was from Mpho. “Oh it’s from him” she said and while she was still opening the sms to read it Amish grabbed the phone from her and read the sms out loud “Hey Yoza, you left your earrings” Then the girls except for Yoza laughed out really loud! “Why did you do that?” Cindy asked “I forgot them, okay” she said. “Liar” They both said.

Episode 5

Yoza never responded to the sms from Mpho. She was not sure if she wanted to see him again. She was not sure what he would expect, she did not know if she had just got herself a new boyfriend and thinking about that gave her creeps. She really did not want a boyfriend at that time.

All the girls went to church for the day. Cindy always encouraged this church going habit and they all enjoyed it. Even if they came back from grooving in the early hours of the morning on a Sunday, they would still go to church and look their best as well in their stilettos. After church Yoza saw a missed call from Mpho. She kept her phone on silent while in church. So she decided to call him back. But while the phone was ringing she decided otherwise and dropped the call. She needed sometime to think.

“Yoza why are you not looking all lovie dovie even though you were in Abrahams arms last night?” Amanda asked on their way back to their flat. “True that Amish, I don’t understand. You said he was good moss” Cindy added. “Yes, he was good, very good actually. But eish” she was not sure if she should tell them what her problem with him was. “But what? Does he not want to use a condom?” Amish asked. “I wouldn’t understand if you said he did not want to see you again, otherwise why would he tell you about the earrings that you left there? Tell us.” Cindy enquired. “Nah, maybe some other time ladies.”

When she was back in her flat, Mpho called again. “Hey will you come and collect your earrings?” without thinking she responded “Yes I will”. He asked when and she said “I am not sure” Mpho said “okay”, and then he hung up. She would not possible take Mpho as her boyfriend.; he snored so loud! How would she deal with that? Yes the sex was great but that was it, no relationship after that.

That following week went well. The girls were alternating their tv sessions venues. They would go to Yoza’s room as well as Cindy’s and it was much more comfortable in Yoza’s room because Cindy’s flat mate wouldn’t be there. “So, did you fetch your earrings and Mphoza’s?” Amanda asked this one time during the week. “No, I haven’t” Yoza answered, not even looking at Amish. “What is the problem kanti? Come on, tell us” Amish said.

The girls always shared intimate information with each other all the time, about sex, guys, their families, and so on. But Yoza was just not ready to talk about what she did not like about Mpho. Unlike these girls, she hadn’t bee exposed to a lot of guys like them. She was not quite comfortable talking about Mpho. She had been comfortable talking about the guy from EC, but with Mpho it was different. They probably would not judge her for sleeping with him then wanting nothing to do with him the following day, they understood. But it was still not easy. “Eish guys, uMpho is good and all. He works and he seems like he cares. But yhuu!! The snoring! Ladies he snores so loud, you would swear I was sleeping next to a tractor with a faulty engine!”

“Hahahahahahahaha!!” the girls laughed so loud at her. They laughed till they were rolling on the floor and tears were streaming down their faces. Yoza realised why she had been hesitating to tell them! Of cause they would laugh. But she thought about it as well and joined the laughing. After sometime Cindy said “But Yoza mntwana, you are not there to sleep in the first place. You should keep him up the whole night.” “Ah come on Cindy, you know I wouldn’t do that” Yoza responded. Amanda said, “I do not think snoring should stand in the way of love.” Yoza looked at Amanda and shrugged. Cindy said, “Who said anything about love? Listen girl, you do not have to spend the night there. You can just go during the day, do your thing and come back.” The girls continued talking and laughing.

Yoza thought about the stuff girls were saying. Cindy had a point though; Yoza could be acquainted with Mpho but would not spend a night there. That seemed to be a good plan. She decided to see the guy. She called him early in the morning when she was guessing she hadn’t gone to work.

Mpho: hey Yoza, what a surprise, what’s up skaat?
Yoza: hello Mpho, I have been busy with a school project. But I am done today. Can you please bring the earrings with you to work and I will come and take them on my way from school?
Mpho: Hahahaha I will do no such thing. You can come and get them here. Besides, I have no idea where they are.
Yoza: Ah okay then. Can I come over on Saturday?
Mpho: ya sure, just call before you come.
It was settled and she went to school.

Let me mention that the girls had guy friends that they liked hanging out with on some weekends. These guys were also Xhosa and they lived in another building that was right next to their’s. These guys would come and they would all chill at Cindy’s or Yoza’s flat. And ever since Yoza got a tv, her flat was the most preferred. Amanda had a flat mate from hell; they never dared going to her flat.

So they would chill with these guys maybe on a Saturday afternoon. They would all buy takeaways and eat there. And they would sit together laughing and telling each other jokes and stories. Those guys would leave maybe after midnight or something. These guys were introduced to these girls by Cindy’s flatmate. One of the guys wanted her(Cindy’s flatee) as a girlfriend and upon inviting him over he saw Cindy and friends and he liked them. The next time he came for a visit, he came with his friends. And they all chilled in Cindy’s flat. So now that they were chilling mostly at Yoza’s room, they rarely saw Cindy’s flatmate. The guy who was proposing her was no longer as interested as he had been.

This group of girls and boys rarely had alcohol together. Even when they did, they would just drink a little bit. They never got drunk together. They were all just friends and it was what it was… These guys went by the names of Luntu, Thando, Andile and Xolani, sometimes they would come with Sabelo. They were between the ages of 21 and 23. They were all studying in UP(Tekkies)…

…Moving on, over the weekend Yoza went to Mphoza at around 12 noon and came back in the afternoon around 5. Luckily that weekend he was not working as well. “Where do you come from?” The girls asked her upon her return, they had been looking for her the whole day and she hadn’t been answering her phone, “I went to Skinner Corner (Mpho’s complex name)”. “mmmmmm, so you went back neh? Wena na?’ amish said with a smile. “Ah guys, it was nice. Do you know what happened?” She asked the girls. And they all nodded their heads…

Episode 6

“So I went there and knocked, he was home because I called before going there. He opened and he was wearing a pinkish shirt and jeans. It was like he had just been to work, but I could tell he had just finished bathing.” Amanda interrupted “Oh come on, how did you know he had just finished bathing if he had his clothes on?” “She is lying” Cindy added. Yoza explained and said “No guys, I am not lying. He had clothes on but he was smelling of body lotion” “hahhahahahahahahaha” All of them laughed. And when the laughter had downed a bit, Yoza continued “Well, I think he wanted to hug or kiss me, I am not sure. So I hugged him and did not kiss him”.

“He asked how I was doing, how I had been, that petty stuff. I was just there thinking why he had a shirt on if he did not go to work and it is on a weekend. Not that it mattered much, the shirts suit him. He sat me down on the couch and told me we were going to cook. When I wanted to respond he shushed me and said I should get up and help him with some vegies. I was not up for that”. Cindy interrupted. “I am not surprised, you were probably afraid of chasing away hubby dearest with your stone rice” they all laughed because they all knew that Yoza could not cook to save her life.

“Shut up Cindy tu” she continued. “So I told him I would chop the vegies, but that was all I was going to do. He cooked the rest of the meal while I watched tv, then we ate. I must admit, the food was really good. Whoever will marry that guy would be so lucky.” She paused and Amanda said “why do you say as if it can not be you whom he marries?” “hahahahahahahah, hayi man Amanda”, Yoza said and she continued, “after we ate he then started kissing me. Guys, maybe last weekend I was a bit tipsy, I did not realise how good of a kisser he was. He is really good guys. I just wanted to be there and no where else and just kiss him all day long. His pinkinsh lips tasted so sweet and so soft and smooth. The best kiss I have ever had!”

“Hahahaha Yoza, kalok he is practically the second guy you have kissed in your life” and the girls laughed at that. “And, did you… you know?” Amanda asked curiously. “Hah! Why must I tell you everything! That is classified information” Yoza said. “She did not.” Cindy said. They were all laughing and it was good. And they spoke about other things.

Just so you know, Mpho and Yoza really did not do anything sexual on that day and well Yoza still did not return with her earrings. Not because she could not find them, but because she had such a great time, she forgot why she was there. Mpho was turning to be something she never though he would be. If only he would not snore.

She continued talking with Mpho over the phone and going to see him over some weekends. Some afternoons she would go visit him as well. She still never accepted the fact that he was her boyfriend. She liked to think of him as a friend ‘with benefits’. As a result, she never brought herself to calling him with pet names such as baby or sweetie. To make things a bit easy for her, Mpho never said “I love you” to her. So she liked to think they were on the same boat.

But as times went on she grew to like Mpho, he always introduced her to new things in sex. He always called her and sometimes on her way back to school she would go pass his work place and he would give her some money for lunch the following day. Mpho also did not mind giving her money for her hair. Not that Yoza ever needed the money. She was coming for a well to do family and she had her own money. But she never refused Mpho’s money even though she did not want to make it a habit. Her girls encouraged her to not hesitate when she took the money but she always asked them “what is Mpho paying for”. “Uyakubheja” they would respond. “Yes, but why?” she would ask and they would leave her with her stubbornness. “One day you will understand” sometimes would be the last word.

Sometimes Mpho and friends would just call the girls and they would all get drunk. It were good times, practically Mpho was Yoza’s boyfriend….

It had been 3 months since Mpho and Yoza were seeing each other. Around that time Mphoza had to move to work in Centurion and that meant they saw less of each other, but they still saw each other because Mpho was still living in the same flat. But working in retail meant most weekends he was at work and during the week he came home a bit late. But nothing much changed, just the “no longer seeing each other as often”.

“Hello” a guy coming to sit next to Yoza in the bus said one morning. She looked up and saw a guy, he could be in his mid to late 20’s and he did not look like a student. “Hi” she responded. The guy sat next to her. “I am going to the student life office, I am not sure where it is. You know how to get there?” the guy asked politely after he sat. “Yes, I know it. I will show you” she replied as well, then they sat in silence for a few minutes. “Do you live in town?” The guys asked Yoza. “Yes, why?” she replied. “Just wondering. I am actually looking for a place to live in the CBD, I just moved here.” He said.

“Are you changing schools or something?” Yoza asked out of curiosity, “hahahahah, no. I am not a student. I just need to sort something at TUT for our company”, he said. Yoza thought, ya mos, he does not look like a student. The guy continued talking.

Guy: I have been living in Mams and it is time I moved to town. So do you know anywhere I can move to?
Yoza: No I don’t. But I think there is a couple moving out next month in some flat in Vermuelen I am just not sure if they are still moving. I would have to ask.
Guy: Okay, Yhoo plus Vermeulen is not so far from my workplace. Can I take your number so that I can call you later to see if you got anything?
Yoza: No, let me take yours rather. If I find anything I will definitely call you.

He gave her his number and said his name was Mikateko. The bus got to Main campus and they got off. Yoza accompanied the guy to the student life office and then she proceeded to her class. After the classes she went past the flat she had been talking about and saw that couple. He asked them if they were still moving out. They told her that they had already put a month notice. Yoza thanked them and left, she then sent an sms to that guy. “hello. It is me, the girl from the TUT bus this morning. The flat is available next month. You can call this number 012 **8 ***6”. And the sms was sent.

Episode 7

Yoza liked helping people. This guy was not as clueless as she was when she got there, because he was a Pretoria citizen, but she still did not mind helping him out. She headed back to her flat and then it was tv sessio time. The girls started talking.

Amanda had a problem with her current boyfriend and the girls listen to her and gave advice. Cindy shared about how a replacement lecturer in one of her classes was so cute and sexy. “Girls I kept fighting the edge to blow him kisses or drop a pen in front of him and go “pick it”, he is so sexy. Too bad he is a lecturer” Cindy said. “Ah come on Cindy, as if him being a lecturer would stop you” Yoza said while she and Amanda high fived in agreement of what Yoza was saying. Cindy told them they were being silly.

Then Yoza started sharing about her day as well “Today I helped out some guy from Mamelodi. He was looking for a flat. If he gets it he will be moving in next month in Portia and Max’s flat”. “Oh wow, that is so noble of you. So out of all the places you could help him with, you chose the one down the road? Is there something you are not telling us?” Cindy said. “Ahh Cindy! Everything with you has to be about ‘that’. Come on. I was just helping a person out. Can’t a girl help out a guy out without being ‘that’?” Yoza said to Cindy. She was doing the “quotation marks” with her fingers whenever she said “that”. “And what exactly is ‘that’ which you keep referring to?” Cindy said, also doing the fingers on “that”. “Ah, now you want to trap me wit your question. I know what you meant” Yoza said in her defence.

“So you mean this guy was not hot?” Amanda asked. “I bet you gave him your phone number and took his” Amanda continued. She was not talking much on this particular night because of her own boyfriend issues. “Well, I had to take his phone numbers. It is not like I was walking with him to Portia’s flat. Guys come on.” Amanda interrupted and handed Yoza her (Yoza) phone. “Here, Mikateko is calling” Yoza took her phone and replied. “Hello”…. “Oh no sweat”…. “This month end yes, but you will have to contact the offices soon before someone else takes the flat”… “I am not sure, but you will need the deposit”… “Okay no problem”… “Bye” and she hung up

“Let me guess, that was the guy you have been telling us about?” Cindy said. “Yes, that is him.” “He is Tsonga?” Amanda exclaimed; Yoza nodded. “Chomi you know what they say abut Tsonga guys?” Amanda said looking at Cindy. “I know!” Cindy replied excitedly and the two (Amish and Cindy) of them did a really big high five. Yoza just looked at the two of them in amazement. “So what do they say about Tsonga guys?” Yoza asked. “Hahahahaha, you will know soon enough” Cindy said. Yoza begged them to tell her and they refused. They told her she will hear from the street, just like they heard from the streets.

After the girls had left Yoza was left with a question. What were Tsonga guys known for? She did not know any Tsonga person she could ask. But after a while she forgot about it and her life moved forward. Month end came and she got a call from Mikateko once again and he thanked her because he ha d got the flat and was moving in the following day. Yoza said she was happy if he was good. And that was it. She never heard from the guy again and life went on.
A few weeks later she and Amanda went to the gym that was also not far from their flat. Amanda’s boyfriend was there and they needed to take something to him. While they waited for Aminsh’s boyfriend to come to them they saw a guy not far from where they were standing and he was looking the other way. They could only see his from behind. “Wow Yoza, jonga la mfana (look at that guy)”. Yoza looked at the guy whom Amish was pointing to. Wow he looked great. He was wearing track pant and a black sports t-shirt. They could see from behind that he had great muscles. We was not very slim, but he was not big either, maybe size 32.

“Yhooo! What a great body Amanda” Yoza said. The guy turned to look their way.
Yoza: I know him
Amish: You do?
Yoza: Yes, that is the guy I helped find a flat; the guy from the bus.
Amish: Really? That is… err, what was his name again? Tinyiko?
Yoza: hahahaha, his name is Mikateko, yeap. That is him alright. I saw him wearing work clothes. I never noticed those muscles. Wow!
Amish: Go and say hi. (pushing Yoza forward slightly.)
Yoza: No. (I would not mind a hug though *she thought*)
Amish: You can be such a chicken sometimes. What are you afraid of?
Yoza: Amish hayi man wena, khawuyeke (just leave it).

Amanda let it go and they saw her boyfriend, gave him what he needed and they headed back to their flat. When they got to the flat they went to Yoza’s room and they opened their phones. “Ohh, I got a Facebook invite from this Mikateko person” Yoza announced. “Oh really? Wow, I wonder how he found you.” Amanda said. “Maybe he used my phone number.” She replied. Yoza accepted the request then went to see her new inboxes. Another one was coming from this Mikateko person. “Hallo Yongama. I just hope this is you. I am Mikateko. I met someone who uses this phone number and she helped me find a flat”. Yoza smiled to herself after receiving this message. She imagined trying to find someone you did not even know their name. You only have their phone number and it happens to belong to someone who has a Facebook account. She did not tell Amanda about that inbox though.

“Yes Mikateko, I am that person. You can call me Yoza” she really did not like it when people called her Yongama, even her Facebook name was Yongama Yoza Ngwane (Do not search for her, she does not exist).
Mikateko: Saw you with your friend today at the gym. Why didn’t you say hi?
Yoza: I did not want to disturb, you were busy (come on, it is not like we are buddy buddies now.)
MIkateko: Oh well then. Thanks once again for finding that flat for me.
Yoza: Told you it was not a problem. You caught me at the right time (I wonder why is he all chatty chat-chat)
Mikateko: And I am settling in good thanks. Just the tv cable does not seem to work.
Yoza: Have you told the caretaker?
Mikateko: Yah, he will send some people over the weekend he says. But it has been a while.
Yoza: That cable always had a problem, even when Portia was still living there. I know how to fix it (Damn it, I shouldn’t have said that! Too bad, the message is sent)

Episode 8

Before Mikateko answered, Yoza got a call from Mpho. “Hey, are you still coming over this afternoon? I managed to get a day off tomorrow and I am on my way from work right now.” The day was Saturday and it was just a little bit past 5 pm. Yoza had never spent a night at Mpho’s place unless if they had all been drinking till late. Then it would never be an issue because they would all pass out wherever. She always had avoided sleeping over and it had never been a problem. As a matter of fact no one had ever suggested it. This was the first time Mpho had ever said something related to “Yoza sleeping over”.

“I am not sure Mpho, I can make it this afternoon. But I am not sure about tomorrow. Remember I have to go to church”. Amanda was still there and she whispered “The church starts at 8 tomorrow, do not forget.” Yoza winked at her and gave her thumbs up. Mpho was saying “yes, you can always wake up from my place and go to church”.
Yoza: But the church starts very early tomorrow.
Mpho: No problem. You can bring your clothes over here.
Yoza: Bring my clothes? (She said while looking at Amanda for a way out)
Amanda: (Whispering) you have just finished your laundry
Mpho: Yes, I have an iron here and everything.
Yoza: But I have just finished my laundry. The dress I am going to wear tomorrow is on the washing line. But I can come this afternoon and spend the evening there. Amish and Cindy will take off my laundry for me. But I must spend the night at my place. Maybe tomorrow after church I can come there and spend the rest of the day with you.
Mpho: Okay then. See you when you later. Bye.

They hung up the call and Yoza put her hands on her mouth with her eyes open wide. “Yhoooo” she said. “Too close chomi, too close” Amish said. The girls look at each other for a few seconds then they burst out laughing!
Amish: So sneaky. So, so sneaky!
Yoza: I know, poor Mpho, I wonder what excuse I would have to come up with next time he suggests it.
Amish: Do not worry; you will cross that bridge when you get to it. But at some point you gonna have to decide Yoza.
Yoza: Decide what?
Amish: You want him or you do not want him, if you want him you gonna have to get over his snoring. What do you know? Maybe he does not even snore everyday. Maybe that day he was just having a bad night.
Yoza: You have a point. But… (Quite for a few seconds), ye man, when is Cindy coming back?
Amish: I don’t know, since she left this morning, she hasn’t called. The date must be going great.

The girls kept quite for sometime again and they went back to their phones. There were two inboxes from Mikateko already. 1:“Can you come and fix it for me?” 2:”I hope you do not live far from here, but if you do, I can pay for your taxi fare”. Yoza looked at the messages and she was stunned. “I am not sure. Listen; if the technician hasn’t come after tomorrow then maybe I will come on Monday to check it for you (I wish I did not like helping out so much. But I will just fix the cable and get out of there).”

A knock and it was Cindy. “I knew I would find you sl*ts in here! What a day! What a day!!” she said as she threw herself on the bed. “How did it go?” They both asked. “Hoooo, you do not want to know, turns out Mr Lecturer is married” The girls had their eyes wide open in shock. “What?!?” They both exclaimed. “Before you judge me listen. I did not know he was married, and wipe off that shock on your faces; I do not have any classes with him anymore. He has been changed to another group.” “No, we want to know about the marriage Cindy.” Yoza said. “Ya, how did you find out?” Amish added.

“Well, after we ate and watched a movie, we went to his place. I couldn’t wait; I mean he is so damn fine. It’s a nice place and it was not obvious that a woman lives there, or maybe I did not notice because I was too horny. While we were busy kissing and about to do our thing, he stopped and told me to hide in the wardrobe” When I resisted he pushed me and told me his wife was going to kill me, and asked me if I wanted to die. I am no home wrecker ladies; so I just hid in the wardrobe. The wife came to fetch something she had forgotten on her way to wherever she had gone to.

After she had left, I got out of the wardrobe and told him I was out of there; I was so angry.” “But you do not look angry” Amish said in wonder. “Yeah, I am not angry anymore. I have figured out a way to revenge him. First of all I did not get what I wanted (his D), 2ndly he was willing to have his way with me in his wife’s bed! He will pay for that. That is for sure”. Cindy said with a murky smile. The girls have heard that before and they knew that she always meant business when she said that.

“Well, I have to go see Mpho guys.” Yoza said as she stood up and started fixing herself up. Her make up and changing clothes, etc. “She cares for this guy, doesn’t she?” Cindy said as she and Amish were looking at Yoza who was going up and down preparing to go see her “friend”. “I think so too. They are so cue together” Amish said. “Girls I am still here, and I do not care about him, not in that way.” Yoza said. “Keep telling yourself that”, Amanda said. “She is in denial” Cindy added.

On her way to Mpho’s place she looked on her Facebook for the last time. Another inbox from Mikateko, “Okay, thanks. I guess we will talk on Monday then” Yoza decided not to respond to that inbox. She just hoped a technician would come and fix the guy’s cable before Monday. Then after that all she thought about was Mpho. “Maybe he does not snore everyday, like Amish was saying” she thought.

“You look gorgeous, wow, it’s like I haven’t seen you in a year!” Mpho said hugging her. He seemed excited, Yoza just wondered what had got into him. Ya she hadn’t seen him in 2 weeks or so because they both had been busy. But that did not explain the excitement. While she was in his arms she realised that she had missed him too. She smiled and hugged him as well, then she took a deep breath. “Come along now, come see what I got.” Mpho said excitedly as she pulled her to the couch.

Episode 9

“See? I got a whole lot of movies, I got some pop corns. I have ordered takeaways.” Mpho went on like that while Yoza looked around the flat in amazement. It was sparkling clean, no dished in the sink, everything in it’s place. The bedroom door was opened and she could see that the bedding had been changed and it looked neat. “For the past 2 weeks that I haven’t been with you I realised that me and you have never spent quality time together. And that is about to change.” Mpho continued talking, “Bust since you are not spending the night, everything will not go as I had planned. But I can still work around it. Are you with me?” Yoza was just so amazed. What was going on with Mpho. She wondered. She however went along with it.

He had brought romantic movies and some comedies. In no time the food he had ordered came. They ate and it was really nice. They were feeding each other the food and at some point when they were done eating he switched the DVD from a movie to music. He proposed that they danced. On a normal day Mpho’s phone would ring after every 30-1hr, most were job related calls since he was a sales person. On this particular day, his phone was off. Yoza did not ask about Mpho’s behaviour, she just enjoyed the moment. They even had sex right there in the sitting room, on the floor and it was fantastic.

After about 3 hours since she had been there, his flat buzzer went off, he answered it and he said “Ya, leave them by the security, thanks” and he hung up. Then he turned to Yongama. “let’s go”. “Where?” She asked. The time was after 9pm, where would they go? She had never ever went out with Mphoza before, the only place that was outside her flat or his flat that they were ever seen together was at the shop where Mph used to work or when he accompanied her to her flat.

Yoza found it strange, she agreed and they went downstairs, he went to the security guy and spoke to him, the security gave him car keys. “My friend is borrowing me (his car) for tonight, let us hit the road.” They went to Hatfileld to some fancy restaurant and bar there. The way Yoza was wearing wasn’t totally out but it was odd compared to all the other ladies there. She was wearing a dress and flat sandals. Most ladies there were wearing stilettos. However Mpho told her she looked great.

Some of Mpho’ s friends were there and they went past them and greeted them. Yoza did not know them and Mpho introduced her as his lady. Yoza was stunned; something was definitely up with this guy. She smiled and hugged those guys…. After some drinks Yoza wanted to leave and so they went back to his flat. They were not tired, but Yoza was a bit tipsy and that made her want more sex. That was okay with Mpho and he gave it to her. It was one long round that when it was over they were so tired, Mpho could not get up, he just fell on the site and in a matter of seconds they both dozed off.

In the morning an sms came to the phone and Yoza woke up and took the phone. She and Mpho were using the same kind of phone and from what she remembered, Mpho’s phone had been off, so it had to be her phone. She took the phone and looked on the screen. It was one of those phones where you can see the message displayed before unlocking the phone “I hope you have a great life Mph…” and it stopped. Still under the impression that it was her phone she unlocked it and went to the sms. “I hope you have a great life Mpho. I hope whoever you have left me for loves you more than I did!” Yoza blinked and rubbed her eyes and read again. “Hayi man, this was not her phone. Tjo, it was Mpho’s phone.”

She put the phone down and everything started to make sense now. Mpho probably broke up with some girl he had been going out with. Ahh, she thought, that was probably why he had been in such a mood the previous day and introducing her as his girlfriend. She quickly removed the thought from her head and woke up and prepared to leave. The church service was really going to start at 8am that day. She tried thinking back to the night before and realised that she felt asleep so deep she does not know if Mpho snored or not. And at that moment he was not snoring at all. “I wonder” she said to herself.

She sent an sms to Amish “Please iron my blue dress for me please, will be there now, now” Amish had the key to Yoza’s flat since she (Yoza) left them (Amish and Cindy) in her room the previous day. She looked at Mpho, he looked so peaceful and cute. He had always been so good to her, went out of his way to make her happy every chance he got. She remembered how she never gave him a chance to show her more love. How she always considered him as just a friend. Little voice in her head “how long will you be angry and refuse to let love happen”. The voice annoyed her and she woke Mpho up and she wanted to leave.

The church service went great, but it was taking too long. It started at 8am and was scheduled to end at 3pm. Around 12 noon Yoza told her friends that she was leaving. She wanted to see Mpho. This time around it was not the sexual desire that pushed her to see Mpho, she wanted to cuddle, and she felt guilty that she left in the morning even though her heart was telling her otherwise. When she got there she was the one who was lovie dovie and Mpho welcomed the new behaviour… it was good. Even though none of them said to the other “I love you”. I can say they seemed to be in love. Let us leave them there for now…

Monday came and around 4pm, just after all her classes were finished she got a call from Mikateko, she was almost annoyed with it because she had been bluessing(sp) about Mpho the whole day that day. She answered and told Mikateko that she would honour her promise and come fix his cable later. It would have to be after 6 after he had got back from work.

She put her school bag in her flat then made herself some bread and eggs and she went to Mikateko’s flat to fix his cable. She did not bother calling because it wasn’t that far. If she could not find him when she buzzed at the entrance then she was just going to turn back. “Hello” he answered the buzzer. “Hey, its Yoza here.” “Okay cool, come one up”.

She went up, she knew the flat because her acquaintances used to live there, she knocked on the door and he opened. Behold what she saw! Her heart almost stopped. She had a mini heart attack there for a few seconds and she fainted while standing. What she saw was not something she had expected.

Episode 10

Yoza and her friends were all suckers for great muscular bodies. Yoza had never dated a muscular guy, she preferred skinny guys, they are the ones who got her mojo going. But then again she had never seen a muscular guy up close. What she saw in Mikateko’s flat was Mikateko wearing a vest and holding a t-shirt. It was like he had just showered. His gym bag was on the couch, so Yoza thought maybe he started at the gym before going to his flat.

She was really hypnotised as he was standing by the door letting her in, she could not move because she was trying to get herself together. For a second there she thought maybe she had seen Mikateko in one of the magazines, that is how great looking he was. “Come in” he said in a friendly voice. She got in and said “Hello” softly. He greeted her back then she moved to where the tv was. She wanted to touch his arms and actually feel the muscles. She had never felt muscles before and they were very attractive, but how was she going to do that.

“So the cable is still not fixed hey?” she asked. She could feel herself getting back together; the muscular spell was wearing out. “That is why you are here” he replied. She touched the cable once or twice “turn the TV on”. She instructed him, and he did. The tv worked. “Wow. You are good at this hey?” he said with a smile. “Yeah, it is kind of my thing” she said with confidence. Yes she was into electronics from since she was younger; she was even doing electrical engineering in TUT. No she was not a tomboy.

“How much is your service then?” he asked. She was not sure if he was joking or he was being serious. At that moment he had worn the t-shirt he had been holding when she got in. So the Masc-Hyptnosis was inactive. “Ahhh, that small thing. Nah, it is really no a big deal. I can jut show you how to do it, so that next time when you tripped on it you can do it yourself.” She said going towards the cable once again. “Okay, show me” he said sounding interested and fascinated while he went towards her.

While they were looking at the cable she could feel his shadow all over her and she could smell his cologne, shuuu! This guy was something. She kept herself together and explained to him and he said he understood. “Okay, I will be leaving now” she said. “So soon?Llet me pour you a glass of drink at least” he said. She agreed and sat on the couch. She hadn’t looked around the flat and so she did while he was bust pouring drink. He did not have a lot of stuff like the couple who lived there. There was a lot of open space.

She remembered how Amish thought his name was Tinyiko, “hahahaha, the only Tsonga name in Amanda’s head. Oh this guy is Tsonga, Cindy and Amish said there was something about Tsonga guys. I wonder what it was. I could not possible ask him. I am not even used to him. What the hell am I doing here? Let me get out of here, what if he put some drugs in that drink. Okay, maybe I will have the drink and one biscuit. He has been nice and just trying to be friendly. Yhuuu and he has such a hot body!” Her thoughts raced like that.

Mikateko came with 1.25ltr of coke and some biscuit and a glass. Yoza kept quite and poured herself some coke and she ate the biscuits in silence. She really did not have news for this guy. She looked at him, he was not ugly at all, but he was not too handsome. He was just average looking. From the stuff that was on display in his flat Yoza was almost sure that he was a church goer. There was a bible on the tv stand and he had some small scriptures framed nicely on the walls of the bachelor flat. It was not a neat place though; you could tell from a first glance that it was guy’s place. But he did try to make it nice (in his way).

Out of curiosity she asked. “Do you g to church?” “Oh yes I do actually. I have been going to Mamelodi for church service every weekend since I got here.” “Mmm, okay. She said; she was not interested into inviting him to her own church which was around town. The last thing she needed was a hot guy next to her while she tried to listen to the word of God. “And wena? Do you go to church?” he asked and Yoza was tongue tied. If she answered, he was going to ask which church, next thing he would want to come with. “Me? Mmm, ehhhhh. Sometimes” she said then gulped the coke down her throat then she said she was leaving.

There was no reason to stop her. So she left. “Yhoo Amish sana! I almost died today”. She said looking at Amanda, but Cindy was there as well. But they could tell that she did not mean literally dying, “what was killing you dear?” Amish asked.
Yoza: Remember that guy from the gym?
Amish: The hot Tsonga guy? Of cause I remember him. Did you see him again? Let me guess, you went to the gym again just to see if you can spot him.
Yoza: Uyahlanya (you are crazy). I did not such thing. He asked me to fix his cable.
Cindy: Excuse me, is this the same guy you were helping find a flat?
Amish: Yes that is him. Yhoo chomi, he is so, so hot! Whoooo (fanning her face with her hand)
Cindy: So this young sl*t over here (pointing at Yoza) went to his flat to fix cable? Did you fix his cable or you fixed his “cable”
Yoza: Oh hayi suka Cindy! Everything with you has to be about sex! Come on.
Amish: How did he kill you then?

Yoza: Well I went there and saw the mascularification all up and close! OMG!! It is like nothing you have ever seen before.
Amish: My boyfriend has muscles
Yoza: Ya, you could say… But Mikateko on the other hand- I do not even know how to explain them. Yhoooo (closing her eyes and putting her hand on her chest). I just wanted to touch him, you know? Rub my hand on his 6 pack and let him squeeze me with those arms.
Cindy: So did you find out what Tsonga men are famous for?
Yoza: Actually I am not sure, is it that they like going to church?
Amish and Cindy: Hahahahahahahaha, (Amish )good luck rubbing your hands on that.
Cindy: By the direction you are taking, I am sure Brother Kati is about to show you, if he is not a virgin! Hahahahahahaha. We should invite him to our church
Yoza: No ways!!

Amanda and Cindy laughed t her!

Episode 11

Monday ended well and Yoza went to sleep and dreamt about the killer abs of brother Mikateko. She saw herself given an opportunity to rub her hands on them and they were firm and it was such a lovely dream. After she woke up in the morning she was feeling different about Mikateko, she should touch his body. She thought about what Tsonga guys are famous for and remembered Cindy saying something about virginity, meaning Tsongas were famous about something related to sex. The more she thought about it was them more she got curious.

She went to class and the whole time she was thinking of a way to get that guy to let her touch him. She had learned that he was a Christian, and from what she saw she was almost sure that he was a born again. So where would she begin with him? He would just think she needed prayers nje, lol.

Anyway on Wednesday she had an idea, she called the guy.
Kate: Hey Yoza, what’s up?
Yoza: Mikateko, was wondering if you would like to go to a church around town this weekend, or any other weekend.
Kate: That would be such a relief. Do you know anywhere?
Yoza: Yes, you can come with us… me to my church, if you like it then you can decide what to do.

Mikateko was up for that. Yoza had no intentions of taking Mikateko to her church, she knew another church that was also good and she had decided to take him there instead.
Yes she was still in a “relationship” with Mpho and they were going strong. But Mpho worked on most weekends. That coming weekend in particular Cindy and Amish were both going to go see their men and Mph was working. Yoza thought brother Kati would make great company, even if just for a few minutes and talking about church stuff, or whatever he preferred.

Sunday came and Yoza went past Kate’s flat and he met her on the entrance and they went to church. Yoza made sure that she looked her best. She wore her beautiful red dress that was knee length high and it showed her curves in a decent way. Her cleavage was also peeping, just a little bit. Her stilettos which matched her hand bag and earrings completed the look. Mikateko seemed to notice how beautiful she looked because he had only ever seen her in casual wear to or from class. “You look beautiful” he said as they got on the way. He himself was looking fine in his shirt and tie.
Along the way when they were conversing Yoza learned that Mikateko had a car but it was getting fixed. He just did not have an alternative car because he walked to work and that weekend was going to be a first time he did not have his car around since he started to live there.

Yoza believed maybe he was not telling entire truth because he went to TUT with a bus. “So was your car getting fixed when you went to TUT?” she asked sarcastically. “Hahahahahaha, no. I had other reason for using the bus that other day. “I wonder” she thought.

For sometime they ran out of things to say to one another because Mikateko really seemed too Godly for Yoza’s preference, but she was determined to finish what she started. She did not like being around this guy so whatever she needed to do, it had to be soon, that very Sunday if possible.

The church service went great and after the service Mikateko even said he would definitely go there again. Yoza was happy that the previous Monday, when he asked if she was a church goer she said ‘sometimes’ that way she would be able to let him go by himself to this church while she went to her regular one with her friends. So now she had to put a plan together as to how to get this guy to take off his clothes so she could touch him. Little voice in her head said “you just came from church girlie” and she was like “so what?”

“Your tv still works?” She asked him on their way back. “Yes actually it is still working, thanks to you.” She smiled.
Yoza: You know when I left my flat there was no electricity and I am not sure if it’s back yet. (That was a lie.)
Mikateko: Yhoo, that is bad.
Yoza: Ya it is, especially because there was this movie I wanted to watch thyis afternoon, and it stats at 13:00.
Mikateko: That is okay; you can come watch it at my place if you do not mind.
Yoza: (Yes!). I do not want to crowd you Mikateko, it is Sunday and you are from church.
Mikateko: I do not mind at all. You won’t be able to even cook mos at your flat. What are you going to do?
Yoza: Well, okay, if you insist, but let me make sure first. I am sure my friends are there already, let me check with them if the electricity is not back *she dialled Amish’s number*

Amanda: Hello, how is it?
Yoza: Amanda, is the electricity back yet?
Amanda: What? Where had the electricity gone to?
Yoza: Yhooo, that is bad. Do you know when it will be back?
Amish: When what will be back na Yongama?
Yoza: Okay ke chomi, I will see you later, I really need to see that movie. I am going to visit a friend.
Amish: Heheheheh!! You sl*t. What the hell are you up to?
Yoza: Sharp ke bye.

*Amish was not even at their complex, she was till at her boyfriend’s place.

“Let’s go past a Sephahlo (kota) place, I do not cook” Kate said after Yoza’s “call”. Yoza was okay with that, and she had money on her purse and was prepared to buy her own kota. “Oh ya, plus I hear that Sephahlo from this place is good. They got there and Mikateko payed for everything. Yoza was not sure if she should offer him the money, then she was like “f*ck it” and she put her money back in her wallet. She was a student, he was working. He should buy, she thought.

And they went on their way to his flat.

Episode 12

While on the corridor to his place her phone rang, it was Mpho, she asked to be excused and Mikateko naturally went forward and left her behind while she answered.
Yoza: Hello
Mpho: hello, I am on my way back. Can I see you when I get to town?
Yoza: I am actually in Menlyn with Cindy. We will be back around 5. Can I come then?
Mpho: Okay, see you then.

She looked around and saw that Mikateko had already gone inside the flat. So he probably did not hear her when she was lying. She followed him to the flat. He had already taken out a 2ltr coke and was next to the couch and the glasses on the coffee table. “A plate for your sephahlo?” he asked her. “nah, I am not hungry yet”, she said. The time was almost 13:00 and she quickly went to her phone to see if there were any movies at that time on the tv guide. There was a comedy on etv at 13:30. Luckily she knew it. At ‘oclock she switched the tv to etv while Mikateko was eating. “Ah, that movie starts at half past.” She said sounding like someone who really had forgotten.

In no time Mikateko was done eating, Yoza hadn’t touched her food. She was thinking very hard about what to do. While she was thinking Mikateko got up and went to the wardrobe (it was a bachelor flat remember). He took out some clothes and then he took off his shirt. Yoza was looking and Mikateko was not aware that he was being watched. Yoza took a deep breath as she once again saw those arms that gave her sleepless nights (exaggeration). She was fighting the edge to just jump off from the couch and go jump into his arms and he could just hold her and have his way with her.

But she had to behave, this guy was a mzalwane, she still was not sure what he thought about “fornication”. The guy put on sports t-shirt then he took off his formal pants and put on a pair of jeans. Yoza forced herself not to look. She wondered if Mikateko was aware that she could see him back in that wardrobe. When he was done he came back to sit on the couch. “What movie is it?” he asked. “It only plays at 13:30” then she told him the title of the movie. “Sounds nice” he said.

The time was only 10 past and there was silence in the room. “Are you going to the gym today?” she said, trying to cook her “meal”. “Ya, I go everyday hey. Around 5pm I will go” he said. Yoza thought “this is not going anywhere”. “Mikateko?” she said softly why looking at him, but he did not welcome the eye contact. “yes” he said glancing at her for a second then turning his gaze back to the tv. “I just want to say something out of turn, first promise me you will not judge me”. She said. “Nah, it is not my place to judge anyone, shoot”.

She looked away for a second then turned to look at him, he was looking forward at the tv was wrestling was playing. So she looked at him from the side of his face. She leaned on the corner of the couch so that she was almost in a lying position (You know how you sit on a couch when you are tired). “I have always wondered what is like to… you know? The gym stuff”. She said. She was starting to be shy. “You want to go to the gym?” he said casually. The casualty in his voice brought back comfort for her. “Nah, I do not want to go to the gym, hahahahahha” she said, she did not know why she was laughing. “Okay Yoza, pull yourself together,“ she thought to herself. “So what stuff have you been wondering about?” Kate asked, still very casual

“Oh, I do not mean stuff, stuff. I mean the stuff that you get from the gym. Like the muscles and 6 packs” she said and was not sure if she was saying the right things. “Hahahahahaha, what about them?” he said while he showed off one of his arms to her and he smiled. Yoza thought that was rather arrogant, but so what, his abs looked good.

“I wish I could touch them, I wonder what they feel like (a bit too honest here girl. Wonder what will “Brother” think).” She said. “Hahahahha, why didn’t you say so?” tThe guy said as he gave her the arm he was already showing, she took the arm and brushed it while she looked at him straight n the eyes. The arm muscles were wonderful to touch, she was not sure if he was tensing his muscles on purpose so that the muscles would feel firm or they were actually that firm. Whatever the case, it was just amazing.

He was also looking at her but would shift his eyes to look at his arm for another second. He had a faint smile on his face and Yoza was almost sure that he was hitting on her somehow. She decided to turn up the heat just a little bit (test waters). “This feels good, so firm and strong, damn. What about the 6 pack?” she said while still holding his arm. Mikateko smiled with only one side of his mouth and he let out a silent laugh through his nose. “You want to feel those too?” he said almost blushing. “Ya, I would love to” She took advantage of his blushing and decided to take the upper hand. The blushing was a positive sign.

While she was thinking of moving her hands to the stomach and finding it very difficult, he then just kissed her. “Yhoo, this mzwalane guy! What the hell?” she thought to herself as she could not believe what was happening. She did not kiss him back and pulled away from him. She somehow thought the kiss was not so good. “What?” the guy said as he attempted to kiss her again. This made Yoza really uncomfortable. She did not plan on kissing the guy, not that she objected; he just took her by a surprise. “No” she said pulling away once again. “I thought that is what you wanted” the guy said. “(like hell it is what I want, but I do not want to be shocked *she thought*). No, why would you think that?” she said to him while pulling the hard to get card. “I just wanted to feel the abs. That is all. I though you were born again Christian (damn it, I hope that will not push him)”

“Mhhhh” the guy sighed then sat straight on the couch and looked at the tv. Then there was an awkward silence. “I have felt the muscles on his arms, what more would I want.” She thought. “I want to see what Cindy and Amish were talking about” she responded to her thoughts… But now she had just turned the guy off by her hard to get hard. The guy was no longer looking at her. “Wow this movie had begun” she said trying to get his attention. “Ya, looks like I know it” he said while looking at her. She made sure he catches his eyes and when their eyes met she smiled and looked on the bottom right of her eye as if she was shy. She was not shy, she was seducing him.

It worked and the guy once again kissed her, this time around she did not stop him. But she did not kiss him back. The kiss was not as great. She felt like there was a rock pressing down her lips. Mikateko started moving his hands about her body, she let this happen, but she was soooo turned off because of the kiss. Her eyes were opened while the guy was busy.

Episode 13

At some points she even felt like laughing because the guy was sort of tickling her. Then suddenly it hit her, she decided to move her hands about his body as well. She just went straight to his 4.5 that was beyond his jeans and she put her hand over the jean… Yhuuuu!! He was hard, hard. She wondered what it looked like and how big it was. But she was almost sure that she would never get to see it because the guy was probably not into “sex on the fist day”. And to confirm that, at that instant Mikateko stopped the kissing and touching and he said. “I have been waiting for this moment for so long”.

Yoza just moved her eyes around and gave out a soft laugh. “Me and you will get along just fine” he said. Yoza still could not reply. In her mind she was like “yeah, while we wait to get married and go to church together, bhlah bhlah bhlah. Take off your pants, I want to see what you have under there” (she was saying that in her head). “Your lips taste so sweet” he continued and Yoza was getting impatient. She also wanted to puke, not because what he was saying was wrong, but because he was saying it to a wrong person.

Instead of answering she turned and she was on her knees on the couch and facing the back of the couch. She moved one knee over him so that she was seated nicely on top of his lap. She could feel that he was still hard and she started moving her waist, but only a little bit because she was afraid she would alarm him and the next thing, she would be getting prayed for. The guy did not mind the moving. Let me mention that for Yoza to be in this position she had to lift her dress up because it was a bit tight. So her thighs were all exposed. She did not see a problem with that because the guy had already kissed her and she hadn’t objected. She felt like she was free to do anything (as long as it would not alarm him).

She then proceeded to kiss him on the neck and the guy totally loved that. He did not resist the kiss, she then lowered one of her hands so it was on his jean and she brushed his crotch and watched his reaction. The guy seemed to like whatever was going on and he had begun dropping one side of her dress that is covering her cleavage. And he kissed her breast. She thought that was not so bad, but it was not good either. He either had hard lips or he did not know how to use them, as a result she was still not aroused, nor did it look like she would be.

She undid his jeans’ buttons (he did not have a belt on). She was surprised when he still did not object then she unzipped his pants. He then stopped what he was doing and she did not move her hands but looked up so she was looking at his eyes.
Mikateko: You want this?
Yoza: Want what?
Mikateko: Come on
Yoza: Okay, okay. Wena what do you have in mind?
Mikateko: I am not sure that we should be doing this so soon.
Yoza: (Of cause). But we are not doing anything. Don’t you like it when I do this? (*she was brushing his d over his briefs*)
MIkateko: (*closed his eyes a bit as if enjoying what she was doing*) did not say I am not enjoying, but…
Yoza: But nothing (*she said close to his ear then kissed him tenderly on the neck once again and he let go*).

She went back to his pants that were already unzipped and dipped her hand under his briefs. She pulled his manhood outside and she examined it. There was nothing out of the ordinary, it was circumcised, and it was a normal size, maybe just a little bit bigger than Mpho’s. But besides that there was nothing else. She decided that she had no intentions of sleeping with this guy. Then she pushed his thing(d**) back inside and he was like, “and now?” She zipped his pants and said. “You were right, it is too soon. I need to go now.”

“But there is no electricity in your flat. “Ya, but I just remembered that I left my laundry outside in the morning. I gotta go take it inside.” (That was another lie). “Your friends can take it inside for you.” “Nah, I doubt they are at the flat currently. Tell you what, we will talk on the phone.” She was already on her feet and ready to go. She took her bag and she went out and left him like that.

Yoza: So ladies, what exactly are Tsonga guys famous for?
Cindy: Why ask that now? Why don’t you find out with that Tsonga guy with killer abs?
Yoza: Well I tried and…
Amish: You tried what? Oh my gosh Yoza, what did you do?
Yoza: I wanted to see what Tsonga guys had, so I went to Mikateko’s place. I saw his d***, nothing seems out of the ordinary.
(Amish and Cindy were just looking at her in amazement)
Cindy: Did you actually have sex with the guy?
Yoza: No, I did not. I could not stand his kiss. The guy may have a killer body but he just does not get my mojo running.
Amish: So if he had managed to turn you on, were you gonna have sex with him?
Yoza: Maybe *shrugs*
(Amish and Cindy once again looked very amazed.)

Cindy: So anyway. As far as I know and I have heard, Tsonga guys have big d*cks. You are saying, that guy’s was not huge?
Yoza: No, not at all
Amish: let us not forget that usisters has only seen like 2 penises in her life.
Cindy: True, I also think it is either Mpho has a big d*ck as well or she is lying to us. We need to investigate.
Yoza: Oh no, no Cindy
Amish: Well, it is not like you love the guy, do you?
Yoza: Of cause not.
Amish: Cindy, he has seen me with Yoza before. You should do the investigation since he does not know you.
Yoza: Yhoo maar guys! Okay. I guess I would also like to know if Mpho has been drilling me with an anaconda all along and I was not even aware. Hahahahahaha

Episode 14

Cindy: Yeah, plus I love me some muscular guys. It is on ladies… Heh guys, did I tell you what I did with Mr Lecturer?
Amish and Yoza: No.
Cindy: I told him I knew his wife and that she was a friend of my sister (a lie). I just never knew she was married to him since I am not friends with her. He begged me not to tell my sister or his wife and I told him I needed money, and that should I ever hear that he is dating any student then I will tell. Hence my new laptop ladies.
Yoza: Ya, I was meaning to ask about that laptop that you just got in the middle of the month.
Amish: But Cindy is that all you did?
Cindy: Like hell it is not. I was just telling you guy how I got my new laptop. I got that guy, I got him good. What I did was as he kept calling me and apologising after that scene with his wife, I agreed to see him so we could talk. I suggested we go to a hotel instead of his place. I told him I did not want to be seen walking in public with a married man. He agreed.

We got to the hotel and i said I was okay. We got all naked and I made him go down on me till I climaxed. Then when he took out condoms I told him they were not the correct condoms. I told him I was very allergic to condoms and I always should get the ‘special ones’ which he obviously did not have. And well I told him he should have thought about that. I said I was too horny to stay there if I was not going to have sex. He said we can go buy condoms. I told him to give me the money and I will go buy them myself (I did not want to be seen with him). He gave me the money and I came here and my phone was switched off.

Then it was when I saw him for the second time when I told him that I know his wife and the rest is history…” Cindy smiled after finishing her story.
Amish: Damn girl! You are such a sl*t
Cindy: I know
Amish: He made you cum and you did nothing to him in return
Cindy: I did something in return, I left him.

Yoza was quite and listening attentively and “taking notes”. She always envied and admired Cindy. Cindy was a care free kind of girl, she lived in the moment. She loved sex and did it whenever it suited her, with anyone; as long as she had condoms and venue. Her motto was to enjoy life while she was still young. She always said she did not want to be like those magogos who say “kuguga othandayo”

So now Yoza gave Cindy all the info she would need to get to brother Mikateko. Cindy told them she would get back to them in a week or two with the results. The question she needed to solve was ‘does Mikateko have a big normal sized penis or Mpho has a big one’…. Let’s leave Cindy to it; we will come back to her and Kate later.

So Mpho and Yoza were still a couple hey. Yoza could spend nights at Mphoza’s. Turns out he did not actually snore that loud. Maybe he was having a bad night that day. While things were going that great between them he got an offer he had always wanted. He got a job in his home province in Witbank, and so he had to move. Yoza never welcomed those news, he also was sad to be leaving, but he promised to visit her as often as possible, because Witbank was not so far. He was going to be free on all weekends and he had promised that if everything went well he would be having a car soon. And so it would be lovely within them… That is Mpho and Yoza’s situation. Let us also leave it there.

Do you remember the guys I mentioned a while ago that were friends with Yoza’s skeem? Yeap. One of those guys named Sabelo rarely came along for those whole night visits; they rarely saw him. The girls did not mind because the guy spoke more than Amanda and anyone else in that group and he was arrogant. He liked saying he could get any girl he wanted and he was the kind of a guy that believed that he was a player. Truth be told, he was cute, wore designer labels and he looked good in his clothes.

Yoza always thought about that guy and how he was so annoying and irritating, who did he think he was speaking about girls as if girl were just pieces of meat? But she never shared her concerns with her girls. They rarely spoke about those guys when the guys were not around.

Yoza had learned that she could seduce men, and she started something new with this Sabelo. When the guys would be around, especially if they would be in Cindy’s flat she would do crazy stuff that only Sabelo would see. Stuff like if she is seated next to him she would play with a part of his body, maybe brush his shoulder or something that innocent or maybe when there is not seat left she would sit on his lap. She did not want to do these things when they were in her room because Sabelo could want to stay over; she could not have that.

After a few of this attempts to softly and “innocently” seduce Sabelo, Sabelo started to visit as often as all the other guys and he was letting her and sometimes even returning these seductive ways. Yoza started to enjoy what she was doing with him. She had no idea where she was headed with all of that. But wherever it was she was enjoying the ride. One thing for sure though was that Sabelo was the last person she could sleep with, let alone be in a relationship.

So this one weekend the group of guys (Sabelo’s friends) all decided to go out to a trip for one day and night. They asked Yoza and her friends to come along. Yoza had a test coming up the following Monday and she said she could not go. Sabelo also had something to attend on that Saturday afternoon, so he could not go as well.

At around 8pm on that Saturday evening, Yoza was on a break from studying and she had decided to continue the following day. She got a call, it was Sabelo. “Hello Sabelo, wassup?” “Khavule man, ndilapha ezantsi (please open, I am at the entrance” Yoza opened and the guy came up and he found the flat already opened and Yoza was watching a movie on etv. It was a comedy and Sabelo said he loved the movie. So they watched together. Yoza was not doing her seductive stuff because it was just the 2 of them. He was also not talking so much. Turns out he was a bit shy when his friends were not around. After some few minutes into the movie they decided to call their friends. “I will call Cindy, you call Thando (one of the guys)” they were doing this out of boredom though.

Thando did not answer his phone and Cindy answered and she was in a noisy pace with really loud music. Trying to speak to her was useless. Yoza hung up. “Damn” they both said. Admittedly they were both really bored. They played a game of cards and after a while it was boring too. The movie was not over but they were not watching it. The time was only just after 9pm.

Yoza looked at the tv and Sabelo did the same thing. Yoza’s mind started racing.

Episode 15

Sabelo was handsome, that much she gave him, well built and was slim, just like she liked her men. Always had nice clothes and was neat. Just one thing that was turning off about him was the fact that he was too full of himself. It was too much and it was unbearable. From the stories they had heard it could be true that he was woman eater. Yoza thought it was very possible; he had cash to spend and he was stylish. Girls liked that.

“So Sabelo, sithini isiduko sakho(what is your clan name)” Yoza sked out of the blue. Sabelo looked at her and well he was excited to talk about himself. “Well, ndingu Bhele, uKhuboni”. He said.
Yoza: Oh wow. I always hear that the Khubonis have love, how come you are an exception?
Sabelo: What do you mean?
Yoza: Well from what I have heard in your stories, you are not ashamed to admit that you are a womaniser.
Sabelo: Womaniser is such a strong word Yoza. Girls love me, what can I do?
Yoza: But you can not just play them, how do you think they feel? You are hurting them.
Sabelo: I never lie to them and tell them I love them. They are the ones who decide to get attached.
Yoza: So any girl can love you?
Sabelo: Babes, you can check the records yourself.
Yoza: Do you have a straight girl?
Sabelo: Ah, no one has been good enough. Many are trying to take that position, but it remains empty. No one is fit enough. Why all these questions?
Yoza: I am just curious and I am creating a convo
Sabelo: I know you have hots for me, do not even deny it… (Touching her thigh).

Yoza: Well. Do not get this the wrong way, you are hot and all but bro, you are not my type.
Sabelo: What?
Yoza: I am telling you, is it the first time someone told you that, player?

The conversation went on with Yoza telling him out loud that she was not interested in him and that it was possible that whatever he had been thinking she was doing was probably his imagination. She was enjoying what she was doing to him because she could tell that he was used to girls who melted at the sound of his voice. Now Yoza was not getting charmed, Sabelo exhausted all his charms, none of them worked. Before he knew it he was proposing Yoza to be his girlfriend. Yoza was laughing inside, but not in his face. She really liked where this was going, finally she had a plan.

After some time they spoke about other things, Yoza made sure that she always tried to outsmart him, she was challenging him and she was basically making sure that he saw her not as like all these girls that he is used to. She wanted to appear as a girl who can stand her ground and who can stand against anything. She could see that Sabelo liked it. After midnight she chased him away, he tried begging her to sleep over and she just did not want to hear it. She was enjoying what she was doing.

Needless to say she heard again from Sabelo the following day. He was calling just to “check how she was doing” Yoza could tell that he wanted to say something else, but ended up asking how she was doing. It was funny to see him on his knees like that. “I am not going to share this with the girls, until it’s through” she thought to herself.

So anyway life continued that way. Sabelo would propose Yoza once in a while then speak about other things. He seemed to enjoy spending time with her and being in her presents. No one seemed to notice though, or at least Yoza thought so because the girls did not ask her like they would, normally.

That week went on and on its Friday it was the due date for Cindy to bring the results about Mikateko’s penis. What did she find out,. So the girls gathered in her (Cindy) flat while she shared.

Cindy: First of all let me mention that Mikateko might be a church goer but he is no born again. The things he can do, the things he made me do. Jesus would definitely forbid.
Amish: Lets get to the end, Cindy you had sex with Mikateko?
Cindy: Yes I did, it was amazing, I slept over his place like 3 times already since last week. This may be hard to believe ladies, but I think I have found “my one”
Amish and Yoza looked at each other in amazement.
Yoza: Okay, okay. Just give the results before you get into details. So is he big?
Cindy: nah, he is average to big. Amish sana kudlaliwe ngathi (we have been fooled). I am sure it is just stereotype. So do not worry young sl*t, Mpho is not drilling you with an anaconda, hahahahaha

Amish: So how did you get to Kate?
Cindy: I went to his flat, pretended to be lost and looking for Portia. He told me Portia was not living there anymore. Okay I went inside and asked to use the bathroom. Ah come on. I will not spell everything out to you ladies. Told you he is my one.
Yoza: But when did you start having sex with him?
Cindy: *looking away* on that day!
Amish and Yoza exclaimed.
Cindy: What? The guy is irresistible. And Yoza maybe you are the one who can not kiss. His kiss was marvellous. He is perfect!
Yoza was stunned. Maybe after all a kiss maybe bad for other people but good to other. Sis B says it depends on the lips. If the lips do not match the kiss will be bad for either one of the people kissing or both.

Yoza noticed that Mikateko had even stopped liking all her statuses on Facebook and sending her random inboxes. Yoza was happy for them (Mikateko and Cindy) even though she did not think Mikateko was going to be “Cindy’s one” for too long. Mpho was coming over for a visit that weekend and he was arriving that Friday, so she left the girls in Cindy’s flat as she went to her flat and wait for her boyfriend.

Episode 16

Mpho arrived and as always he looked handsome and all hot. Yoza could not believe that the guy never seemed to depreciate even though she had known him for so long. They chilled in her flat and he told her that he was in a process of getting himself a car. The month was December, just a few days before the school closed and Mpho and Yoza had been together since around June (if you remember very well).

On Saturday after they had gone to Menlyn and Mpho had once again bought some clothes for Yoza even though she was asking him not to spend so much on her. She still felt quiet uncomfortable when Mpho gave her money or did stuff for her. She was okay with him giving her gifts and that sort of thing once in a while. But she never wanted him to feel obliged to give her money every month because she could afford her own stuff using her allowance. (What was Mpho paying for? The question remained unanswered).

She went to her flat while Mpho went to see some of his friends around PTA. He said he would be at her flat in a few hours. She got to the flat and cooked while she waited. Her cooking had improved a lot since she had been living by herself for a year. Cindy mentored her because Cindy and Amish always told her it was just not good for a girl to be unable to cook. Around 6pm Mpho was back. He complimented the smell of the food and that meant a lot to Yoza since Mpho was a great cook himself.

After they ate they were tired. Yoza suggested they took a bath. “I am impressed Yoza” Mpho said while they were still in the bath.
Yoza: With what (smiling).
Mpho: Your cooking, I am not saying it has been bad, I am saying it has improved a lot.
Yoza: Oh well. A girl is gota do what a girl is gota do.
Mpho: When was the last time I told you how beautiful you are?
Yoza: What? (What’s up with all the sweet talk?)
Mpho: You are beautiful Yoza and you have such sweet personality. I feel so lucky to have you in my life.
Yoza: (Iyhooo, where is this going) Oh wow *soft laugh*
Mpho: I love you, really I do. Do you know that?
Yoza: *gulp then forced a smile; she had no idea what to say. No it was not too soon. They had been together for almost 6 months. She liked him a lot and he was so great and just almost perfect. He was really to die for. Did she love him? That was a mystery even to her. Cindy had always said once you love a guy with all your heart, you will have no doubt about it.* Wow (that was all she managed to say.)

Mpho: Anyway, lets go partying tonight, I am in the mood. We will go to Capellos, my friends will be there; their girls too. So don’t worry, you will not be bored.

Yoza was relieved that Mpho changed the subject. She was totally not in the mood to be in an awkward position. Sooner or later she would have to respond to the “I love you” thingy. Needless to say after they got out of the bath Yoza put on her tight and short (not too short) dress and her stilettos. Mpho totally loved how she looked; she looked so sexy and he told her how happy he was that she belonged to him. He also jokingly spanked her behind… It was good. Yoza had to admit that being with Mpho made her happy.

It was a fun night, Cindy and Amanda were there as well as Mpho had organised for them to be called. After a few hours at Capellos the group took the party to another flat and they continued, just like the old times when Mpho wasstill around. Plus it was more like “pens down” for some of the people who were still students. Around 4pm Mpho, Yoza and Yoza’s friends were dropped by one of Mpho’s friends who had a car at their flat. Yoza was obviously not going to church that Sunday but Amanda and Cindy were definitely going, which is why they could not pass out at the party.

Sabelo had never called Yoza all of that weekend. Yoza assumed that he was busy changing girls, not that she cared anyway. The ‘love’ subject did not come up again between Mpho and Yoza until Mpho left. For once Yoza did not feel like going to her friends and share every single detail about her weekend. She just spent the whole Sunday afternoon in her bed watching movies.

Yoza was going to go home the following Saturday as she was still waiting for results which were going t o come out during the course of the week. She thought a lot about Mpho during the first couple of days in that week then after sometime her life went back to normal. Sabelo was once again calling her and she was treating him not different than before. The group of guys came a lot to visit the girls now that none of them had classes. After they had left on Wednesday night, Yoza got a Whatsapp from Sabelo.

Sabelo: You looked so sexy in that dress tonight.
Yoza: You noticed? Maybe I put it on for you, what would you do if I told you that? (It is about time I turned up the heat)
Sabelo: I wish I had known. I definitely would have done something.
Yoza: As if you would. Not that I would let you anyway (let me keep him in suspense. He will not know what hit him)
Sabelo: But Yoza, to be honest, I really like you, a lot. I wish you could see that
Yoza: I bet that is what you say to all your “girls”
Sabelo: Told you I never tell girls that I love or like them. I hadn’t been ready. But when I think about you it just feels right to tell you that.
Yoza: So now, if I said I wanted to be your girl, would I be just “one of your girls”?
Sabelo: Is that what you think? Come on Yoza.
Yoza: Argh, come on nothing. You are a guy. All guys lie. I am sleepy now, bye.
She switched off her data.

Days went by and on Friday night the guys came once again for their last visit that year. Sabelo was not with them. They had alcohol, the girls too had their own alcohol. It was going to be a fun Friday night indoors. They started chatting as usual and the guys kept referring to Yoza as a witch, but jokingly. After sometime she asked what that was about. They said for the past 2 days Sabelo had been going crazy, breaking up with all his ongoing girls. He had been saying he thought he had found the one. “And we know he has been on your case. So that mean ‘you are the one’” Yoza was sure Sabelo did not mean her. She chose not to respond to the guys and just laughed off what they were saying. After all they were all tipsy; some were drunk, so it could be alcohol talking. Maybe they were even lying. Or even worse, he had sent them to say all of that.

Episode 17

On Saturday the girls prepared to go home. They were using different buses but all the buses were leaving PTA in the evening. While Yoza was about to leave her flat she got an sms from Sabelo. “Have a safe journey” she thought nothing of it and she went to the station. While at home her parents sent her to Kokstad. While she was there she went to Nandos to get herself something to eat before heading back home. “Yoza mntwana! And then wena? What are you doing here?” A familiar voice said to her while coming towards her.

She lifted her head and to her surprise she saw that it was Sabelo. Now she knew that the guy was from that part of the country, but she never knew where exactly and the last thing she thought was to come across him. She stood up to greet him with a hug. “Sabelo” she said while going towards him. Anyone could tell she was shocked. “What puts you here?” He asked after they had hugged and asked how they were doing, as he sat down. Well I am from Matatiele, we do most of our shopping here in Kostad. This could as well be my hometown. And you?” She asked. “I am from Mt frere. Just had a few stuff to sort out around here.”

After all of that they spoke about a few other things. “Which area in Matatiele do you come from?” he asked her and she told him the name of her area. He did not seem to take it into consideration and Yoza was happy with that because she had regretted telling him where she lived. “One of these days, I will be sending my uncles to Matatiele. You just wait and see” Sabelo said jokingly in between the conversation. Yoza laughed at him hysterically. There was no need to ask what she was laughing at. Sabelo never bothered her with the proposing and Yoza was okay with that.

Anyway after 3 days she had been at her home Sabelo called her. “I am here at the Sakhile store in your area” he said to her after she answered her phone. Yoza thought he was playing with her. “Oh come on Sabelo, why would you be here, stop lying.” Then she hung up. A few minutes after the call on of the neighbours children came to her and told her some strange guy by the name of Sabelo wanted to see her by the shop. She called him back.

Yoza: Are you really there?
Sabelo: Yes Yoza, I came to see you. If you are coming please bring me a jersey.
Yoza: Tjo, okay.

She took one of her sweaters and she went to the shop.
Yoza: hayibo Sabelo, what brings you here? Do you know anyone in this area?
Sabelo: Ya, there is this guy I came to see. Turns out he is not around
Yoza: Who?
Sabelo: Andile
Yoza: Andile who?
Sabelo: Andile Ndlovu
Yoza: There is no such person in this area
Sabelo: Okay,okay, you caught me. I needed to see you, after knowing that you live here, I just thought I should come. Maybe I should go back.

Yoza: (wow this guy. I have never seen him like this. What sort of player does this sort of thing? Should I go on with my plan? Yes, I should. He has broken so many hearts! He deserves whatever is coming to him). No, do not go. I mean you have come all the way. Let’s go to my home.
Sabelo: What about you parents?
Yoza; nah, do not worry. It’s not like… you know?

They went towards Yoza’s home. Yoza’s parents were not home but her siblings were there. She introduced him to her brother as a guy from her school that came for a visit. Then they went to the sitting room and Yoza brought him some food.

“Do you know that Luntu lives in Shayamoya?” (Luntu is one of the guys, Shayamoya is a place a few kilometres from Kokstad town), Sabelo asked. “Ya, I know, but I have never seen him” Yoza responded. “Ya, his place is really cool. His mother stays there during the year and during festive his mother goes home and he goes lives there” Sabelo said. Yoza’s mind thought about how these guys always spend night with them (girls). They were cool guys. It would be nice to be with them. Her parents were not so strict with her since she had gone to Pretoria; more especially because she never left her home for no good reason. “Wow, we should go see him some time” she said. The time was just a little past 13:00. “We can even go now if he is available” she suggested. “Ya, if it’s okay with you.” Sabelo said.

So anyway they went to Kokstad and saw Thando, It was so good. They had alcohol but Yoza said she would not drink much because she still needed to go home. Then at some point when Thando had left the room for some reason Yoza and Sabelo kissed, Sabelo started the kiss and Yoza kissed him back. When he tried to ‘you know’ Yoza stopped him. Thando could get in any second, Sabelo stopped. And that was it.

From then onwards Yoza got endless calls and sms’s from Sabelo and sweet messages on Whatsapp and he was always jolly good to her and seemed happy that she had finally accepted him. Yoza played along as well, even though she felt pathetic, she acted all happy and in love. He would say he loved her and she would say absolutely nothing, maybe smile back or speak about something else. She was 100% sure she did not love him.

When they got back to Pretoria he was, as usual all lovie dovie. Before they went back to Pretoria Yoza called him and asked him not to tell her girls yet. She told him she had some stuff to sort out so he must keep the ‘relationship’ in the down-low. She also said she was a devoted member of the church and they were monitored in their social lives. He had gladly accepted. For some reason he had always seen Yoza as this innocent girl. He did not know she had a boyfriend (Mpho) and her being the youngest in the group Sabelo thought she was an angel. The fact that he never spent a lot of time with her made him not to be aware of the person whom she really was. Not like the other guys knew, but maybe they had a clue compared to Sabelo. Let me mention that they (Sabelo and Yoza) did not get to see each other again during festive. Sabelo had a lot to do with his family, so did Yoza. Besides Matatilelle and Mt frere are not really “so close”

Episode 18

On the first weekend after the return from EC/KZN, (lol where is Matatiele kanene? Okay let us go with EC for now). She went to visit Mpho for a weekend and 2 more days after that since the classes hadn’t begun. The schools had opened earlier and so Mpho was still on a holiday, so it was jolly good. You may wonder if he said the love words once again. Yes he did. And this time around Yoza said “I love you too”. She felt alright after saying it. She knew from deep inside her heart that she meant it. “What about the Sabelos and these other guys you flirt with?” The usual voice in her head asked. She had no answer to that. She ignored that thought and just enjoyed her stay.

Upon coming back Cindy and Amish were there with all kinds of questions, some which Yoza found very strange. “What did you do to Sabelo? He was here almost every day looking for you. We did not tell him where you were because we did not know what the agenda is between you two.” Amanda said. “Are you dating him?” Cindy asked. Yoza decided that what the hell, she might as well share. “Ya, we kissed during festive season. I saw him at Thando’s place” The girls looked at her in amazement. “Oh my God! Was that all you did? Tell us, how is he in bed? I have always been wondering”. Amish said in excitement. “Come on girls. I am not that much of a slut. We did not do anything”

She cut the conversation short because she did not want to spill all the beans about her plans. She knew that hey would definitely help her execute it as all these girls have always been annoyed with him being a womaniser, but she wanted to do this on her own. Anyway Sabelo came to see her and they chilled for a bit, it was in the afternoon on a school night and he stayed till late. Amanda and Cindy never got a chance to see Yoza as she was with Sabelo. They shared a few kisses and once again, when Sabelo tried to “you know what” Yoza strongly said “no”.

Sabza: What is the matter?
Yoza: I am not ready
Sabza: You are not virgin mos, are you?
Yoza: Hahahahaha, no. I am not, but I am not ready, it does not feel right. Please give me sometime.
Sabza: Okay. I will
Yoza: Thank you, I will tell you when I ma ready. Do not worry
Sabza: Anything for you.

So things went on like that for months, Sabelo got absolutely nothing from Yoza (sex wise), not even foreplay, even though he took her out often and even gave her hard cash sometimes. For some reason she was not even afraid of asking his money and maybe he would give him R300 and she would say she was hoping for R500. He would pop that out and give her. She would gladly take it.

Yoza went to visit Mpho on some weekends; he came to PTA on others. The girls continued with their lifestyle of partying on the weekends then going to church on Sundays. Yoza did not like Sabelo even one bit. He might have been madly in love with her (so he claimed and so said the actions) but the arrogant him was still there and he mostly liked talking about himself and Yoza hated that. So because of those feelings and the fact that she did not see her man (Mpho) so often, she found it too easy to flirt with other guys. It sort of became her hobby.

She was sick of Sabelo and wanted to end things with him, she thought of a way of getting rid of him and finalise her plan. One Friday evening he called her asking if he could come over; she said okay. It was like Sabelo just got a script from Yoza that day. Ever since the time she had told him to wait till she was ready, he had never budged her about sex, but for some reason that night he seemed like he wanted to get all sexy.

As they were kissing, Yoza let him kiss her neck and even her cleavage. She was rolling her eyes while he was busy, not because he was bad. She admitted that the guy seemed to know what he was doing, but she just was not feeling him. When he tried to take off her top she stopped him. “What are you doing?’ she asked coldly.

“Come on baby” That is all he managed to say while he continued with what he was doing. Yoza pushed his head away softly. “Iyanyumbaza le nto uyenzayo (what you are doing is tickling me)” she said.
Sabza: Hayibo, how so? What do you want me to do?
Yoza: Nothing really, from what I have seen so far, you really can not pull it off
Sabza: Just tell me what to do. I will do it baby
Yoza: There is nothing you can do Sabelo. I do not understand how you manage to be a player. How do girl stand this? I am sure they are just after your money.
Sabza: Hayibo Yoza!
Yoza: Imagine if my boyfriend were to find out that I could have cheated on him with someone like you. (Yoza was using some of the words she had heard Sabelo’s friends say he (Sabelo) once said to a girl when the girl wanted to stick around and he did not want her). I am supposed to upgrade, not downgrade.
Sabza: I do not believe this
Yoza: Better believe it. You are welcome to leave now.

Sabza got on his feet and prepared to leave. “I though you loved me. After everything I did for you Yoza?” He said while approaching the door. She stood up and opened the door for him. “I never said I loved you. You are the one who decided to get too attached. Bye” (his words to her the previous year, if you remember)

Sabelo left and Yoza threw herself on her bed. Her mind went blank, she was not sure about what to think. Was she happy or sad about what she did? She was not sure. All she knew was that Sabelo got what he deserved. “Damn it, I did not even get to see his d*ck” she though as she was going through the past month with Sabelo in her life.

She knew that following that incident the guy friends will be on her case. It was a good thing that they were never really close with Sabelo and he was just going to stay away from them. “I did a good thing, now that I think about it. I got rid of Sabelo from our group”. Indeed Sabelo never really came to visit with the guys; rumour had it that he was not so much of a womaniser anymore. Yoza told the girls everything and that she had a plan all along. They applauded her, “You are becoming sluttier that I am child!” Cindy said. “But Cindy, you would have probably got him to muff you” Amanda said. “Of cause, I never let the bustard go without him going down on me!”

Amanda on the other hand was not slutty at all, she had one boyfriend. She had tried to cheat once and she was caught. The guy forgave her and the girls had advised her never to try it again. It was clearly not her thing; the last thing they wanted was for one of them to be beaten up. Cindy who was the oldest always told them that they must not do as she does; she would gladly give them advices but she wanted a girl to do it because she wanted to, not because she wanted to please her (Cindy). That is why Cindy and Yoza never judged Amanda or criticise her, as much as she (Amanda) was okay with them. Do not forget that Cindy was the one who was pushing them to go to church as well…

Episode 19

Mpho started to be too busy at work and now that he had a car he even worked overtime, which meant that he was working on some weekends too. That meant Yoza had to go to Witbank most of the time instead of him coming over to Pretoria. That also meant they did not see each other as much as before because Yoza could not go to Witbank every weekend.

All of this meant more clubbing with her friends and more flirting with guys. It also meant less sex for her. She watched Cindy with envy as she (Cindy) would locate hot guys, target them then get them(guys) to have sex with her, no strings attached. “I can not do that though” Yoza thought to herself, but the edge to have sex was still there.

It just so happened one night that she was alone with Thando (one of the guys they were friends with, same guy that she went to visit along with Sabelo during the festive). Yoza had not been feeling well and so she did not go out with her friends. Thando had an interview on that Saturday, he also did not join his friends on a night out. So he visited Yoza after finding out on her Facebook status that she was home alone.

He was sort of the leader in his group of friends (just like Cindy), he never seemed like a guy who was into girls, and he just joked around a lot. He was doing his last year and rumour had it that he had a steady girlfriend back at home. Thando knew that there had been something between Yoza and Sabelo and that Yoza sort of ditched Sabelo. They had never talked about it in detail though; they only joked about it.

And so it happened that night, that Yoza and Thando had sex. It was good sex and Yoza felt refreshed after that. He left in the middle of the night, just like they always did when they had been over for a visit. Before he left they both had agreed that they were not going to tell their friends about what they just did and it would be their own secrete. Yoza was quite happy with this arrangement. Not that she cared much anyway if her friends knew or not. She however never really told her friends and life went on. The sex happened again a few weeks after that, she still kept it to herself and just enjoyed her little secrete.

Amish: Tjo my old sim card almost made me break up with my boyfriend.
Cindy & Yoza: What happened?
Amish: My boyfriend wanted to use my old sim and I gave him. I hadn’t deleted some old messages and after my boyfriend saw them he thought they were recent and that I am still cheating on him with Thando.
Yoza: *sigh* Which Thando?
Amish: uThando yena yedwa chomi (The one and only Thando)
Cindy: You mean Thando, our friend?
Amish: Oh kanene, I never told you guys who I had been cheating with. That was because I and Thando had decided to keep it secrete. But ya, it’s him. My boyfriend saw an old sms from him but realized after I explained to him that it was an old sms. We are good now.

Yoza: Hayibo! I am shocked that it was Thando.
Amish: Not a big deal wethu, it is all in the past now.
Cindy: *staying up as she had been lying on her bed* That PIG! He said the same thing to me. I had been f*cking him in secrete once in a while since last year!
Yoza: *Even more shocked* You too? *Her hand on her mouth.*
Cindy: What do you mean me too? Did he get to you too? Please say no!
Yoza: Unfortunately, yes. It has been about 2 months now.
Amish: Yhooo!! Hayi man! We can not let this go. Who the hell does he think he is? He is such a pig!
Cindy: *Looking down* Hehehehe, we have been played, and by who? How could I have not seen this coming! Tjo.
Yoza: ya, he got us good. What are we going to do?

Cindy: I don’t know. I did not see this coming. I don’t have a plan, ladies. How could this happen to us? We are the best in the game. Tjo!

The girls were all disappointed that Thando got to them like that. He was always joking around, he seemed like a cool guy. They all secretly admitted that he was a husband material kind of guy. He never showed his “player” side and always seemed comfortable with having them as friends. He probably was aware that they were players too and so would not mind having a side dish, and he took the opportunity. And the girls fell for it.

Yoza: At least he is good. It’s not like ebenyomfoza nje unobenani (bad sex). Imagine getting played and getting 1-0.
Amish: True that. Very passionate about sex and makes sure that he leaves you satisfied
Cindy: Kwaaaaaa, look at you consoling yourselves, yeah he was good, but he played us
Yoza: come on, we are just being grateful of the scores we got while playing with him
Cindy: I hate to say this, but ya, he was good. Damn it uThando man. Ladies we have to get him back. I am so sorry that I could not protect you against him.

Amanda and Yoza told Cindy not to feel bad, and that they were old enough. The ladies all agreed that they must work on a plan to get back at Thando for playing them. They however were still full of shame and anger and could not think straight. Cindy suggested that they sleep on it and they would brainstorm the following day. The girls teased Cindy that she always thought of plans to get back at guys when she was angry, how come she could not then. She defended herself that it was because those guys did not also play with her 2 angels which she loved so much.

During the tv session the following day the plan was cooked, it was going to work out perfectly. They were going to make sure of it. Thando was going to get what was coming to him. They did not care if he hated them afterwards. Their plan was not going to put Amanda’s relationship in jeopardy. Mpho was gonna be okay as well (duh). Mikateko (the muscle church guy) and Cindy had never actually been a couple like Cindy had said. He seemed to want a committed relationship and he was talking stuff about marriage. As much as Cindy was flattered by that, she was just not ready for such commitment. So she decided not to waste his time and broke up with him.

“Tonight is the night ke girls” Cindy said to Yoza and Amanda after dropping a phone call to Thando
Girls can play that game
Episode 20

Amanda: Is he coming?
Cindy: Yeap. Told him you girls are away and he was not busy anyway and he sounded excited. I hadn’t dicky called him in a while now (dicky call is an equivalent of booty call). He is on his way. Everyone remembers his part mos right?
Amish: Yes mam.
The girls went through their plan once again verbally and while they were talking Cindy’s phone rang, it was him. She answered, “Hello… Okay cool I am buzzing you up” then she hung up and buzzed him up.

Yoza and Amanda then ran to Yoza’s flat. The plan was when he got there and after a while Cindy was going to notice that her periods had started without her noticing. She would try to sweet talk him so he would be convinced that she was really horny but she did not know about her periods were going to start then. Yoza even suggested that Cindy must explain to Thando that just before your periods you really get horny, it is part of the PMS. Then Cindy would get him to leave. Cindy would then send a message to Yoza that he had left.

After Yoza and Amanda got to Yoza’s flat they waited. “I am sure that slut will even show him her tomato soiled panties” the girls laughed as they were imagining what was going on in Cindy’s flat. After about 10 minutes Yoza got a whatsapp “It’s from Cindy” she announced to Amanda and she opened the message. “Step 1 complete. Commence step 2” the message said. Yoza sent a message back “Yes Mam :v ”.

She waited about 10 minutes then called Thando “hey Tdo, how are you? ... I am good.… You were?” then Yoza whispered to Amanda “he was about to call me”. Then she went back to the call. “Oh, what a co-incident. What was the call about?... I am on my way right now, will be in my flat in 5 minutes tops…” whispering to Amanda again “He is on his way here” then went back to the phone again. “I guess I will find you waiting then. You can ask Cindy or Amanda to buzz you up, tell them some excuse about why you want to come up to my room then I will find you by my door… No, we will discuss what I wanted when I see you… okay sharp”

Then Amanda and Yoza girls went down to Cindy’s room and waited there (Cindy’s flat was one floor down). They found Cindy and she told them what happened and they all laughed. “I bet he is still around the building” they all agreed. After a few minutes he called Yoza and told her she was by her door. The girls rolled eyes as they realised that he really never left the building. Then Yoza took Cindy’s handbag sos hewould look like she just arrived and went up to her flat. She really found him by the door. She let him in and just like a booty call that she was he just started kissing her and going straight to business…

They went to the bedroom and Yoza seemed so forward that day that she was the one taking off the guy’s clothes and throwing them on the side of the bed while she was still fully clothed. They never locked the door and when all his clothes were off and Yoza’s buttons just opened Amanda and Cindy got in quietly and went to the kitchen and made a sound that they had agreed on. Yoza heard the sound and she said. “I need to go to the bathroom”. She stood up and left him on the bed naked. After a few seconds after she had left the bedroom, all the 3 girls got in with their cameras on and took photos of him! He was so shocked that he jumped off the bed. The girls were on the door laughing hysterically and so he could not get out. He was naked anway. So he went back to the side of the bed where his clothes were thrown. There was a container there filled with battery acid and Yoza had been throwing his clothes in there purposely. He could not even touch them. He was butt naked at the time. The girls were still laughing and taking photos and videos.

“These are so going on Youtube and Facebook” Cindy said “hahahahahaha, we are so not going to keep them secrete; right baby?”Amanda said. They moved from the door so it was opened for him. He could not say anything. He wanted to ask Yoza for some clothes but he knew that would be useless. And so he ran out of the flat butt naked and the girls chasing him and laughing…

A week later he sent them all a message. “Well played”, they did not care, they got him. And since he had been the leader in his group, the guys seized to visit the girls anymore.

Life continued that way. Yoza and the girls promised each other that they would let each other know about every guy they see so that they may never be played like that again. That seemed okay. Yoza still did not see Mpho as often and when she went to see him, he would be busy on Saturday and have time for her on Sunday. Then she would have to leave on Sunday. Things were not looking so good for their relationship. One weekend when she was there, on a Saturday while he was in the office, a girl came looking for him. She asked what she wanted and the girl said she was specifically looking for Mpho. Here was no scene but Yoza could ell that the girl was shocked upon seeing her.

“Mpho, some girl came looking for you here, she did not leave a message. Would you know what that would be about?”

Episode 21 (Finale)

“Who was she?” Mpho asked. “I do not know, she did not leave her name, anyway, it is okay. Forget I asked.” It was in the afternoon after Mpho had just been back from work when they were discussing this. While they were eating there was a knock in his flat and he went to open. Yoza continued her eating. Right after he opened the door there was a shout and it sounded like a lady. When Mpho stood up to see what was going on, Mpho had already pushed the person outside and he was also outside. And he closed the door behind him. Yoza just stood there looking at the door and stunned.

The shouting was still going on but Yoza couldn’t tell what it was about. After some moments it sounded like the person (sounding like a woman) was leaving and she was still shouting as she went away and Mpho did not come back for about a minute or so. Yoza went back to the couch and continued her eating. She did not know what to think. Should she ask him what was that about? What if he said it was his girlfriend? What was she to do then? She hadn’t been clean either. What was she to do? After she could not decide how to react she then decided to not react at all. She sat quietly and ate her food.

Mpho came back and went straight to the kitchen to drink some water then he went to the bedroom and looked for something in his wardrobe. Yoza thought it was just awkward. She said nothing, did not move and just ate. After a while Mpho came back and sat on his position on the couch, took the remote and increased the volume on the sound system. Yoza said nothing. When she was done eating she took her plate to the sink then announced that she was going to bed. She wished to fall asleep quickly, but it did not happen.

A few minutes after that Mpho came to bed, got in. “Are you asleep?” he asked. “No” she responded softly, then she turned to look at him.

Mpho: About earlier, the girl that came when I was at work…
Yoza: Ya, what about her?
Mpho: She is the same girl that was shouting this afternoon.
Yoza: Oh, okay (not sure I want to hear this)
Mpho: You do not have any questions?
Yoza: Do you have something you want to tell me?
Mpho: Yes. Firstly I would like to let you know that I love you, a lot…
Yoaz: aha?
Mpho: Here is the thing Yoza, I had been cheating, but I only slept with her once. It meant nothing, I swear.
Yoza: Iyhooo (not sure how to respond, really.) I don’t know what to say Mpo. What do you want me to say?
Mpho: Anything baby. I do not want to lose you! Please forgive me
Yoza: Were you going to tell me if that girl did not come here shouting?
Yoza: I am going to sleep in the sitting room.

She took a blanket and went to sleep on the couch. He came and begged her to return to bed, she just pretended to be asleep.

The following day, Sunday, she left the flat really early. She did not even wake Mpho because she knew the way. When she got to Pretoria she just went to see her girls. She was feeling really down and just did not know what to do with herself. She had switched off her phone since she left Witbank. The girls had just came from church and Cindy was gong to be cooking for them that Sunday, in her flat. So after they had greeted Yoza they continued with what they had been talking about.

Cindy: ya, it is true. I slept with Mandla and Tebogo on the same day.
Amish: But why?
Cindy: It was valentine’s day and well they wanted to spend time with me. I was with Mandla during the day. Came back here and bathed, then went to Tebogo at night.
Amish: Did Tebogo notice?
Cindy: Nope, not at all... another thing is Tebza is more gifted than Mandla, see? And wena? *looking at Yoza* what is with the long face? Are you not coming from Mpho?

Amish: Ask her again. And why are you back so early?
Yoza: Ai ladies, I don’t know what is wrong with me. I do not think I want guys anymore. I do not want Mpho, I do not want anyone! I just want to be by myself.
Amish: hayibo chomi, what happened?

She told them she did not want to talk about it, but after a few days she told them everything and they sympathised with her. “I think maybe you love him more than you think you did, and you somehow feel like you have let yourself down” Cindy said. “Ya, because you could not get angry since you know you had been naughty even yourself. I am sure deep inside you wish you could be angry, but it does not happen because you also have the same sin as him” Amanda added. “Girls stop it.” She said while trying to absorb what they had been saying.

She ignored calls from Mpho all together and did not respond to any of his texts. She loved him so much, she did not want to pretend that she was angry at him for cheating. She had also been cheating and she was as bad as he was. Maybe it was best to just stay away. She made up her mind that she was done with guys.

***5 months later***

She had stopped flirting, had no boyfriend and hadn’t contacted Mpho since. She was out with her girls in one of the clubs when suddenly heard Mpho’s voice right next to her. “Yongama? Still the girl of the night, I see.” He said jokingly. Yoza felt her heart stopping for a minute. She had missed Mpho, she had been fantasizing about him for months. He looked so handsome as always. She hugged him and he held her too she felt tears filling her eyes, and she could not stop them. Mpho pushed her a bit so he was facing her. “let’s get out of here” he said. Yoza was not drunk as they had just got there, Mpho did not seem drunk either. She did not bother signalling the girls because she was being bothered by tears. They went outside.

“Mpho” that is all she managed to say and Mpho just hugged her again and said “it is going to be alright. I missed you Yoza, I missed you so much.”

“Why did you ignore my calls? I wanted to explain. I wanted us to talk about things.” Mpho said. “You do not understand. I did all of that because I was guilty too” Yoza said as she wiped her eyes and felt herself calming down
Mpho: Guilty of what?
Yoza; I hadn’t been clean either. I messed around with guys. But I have stopped all of that since I last saw you. I want to change. I am tired of the life I have been living. I want to start afresh.
Mpho: Messed around? Does that mean you had been sleeping with guys? *raised the voice a little*
Yoza: Not sleeping, well at least not with all of them
Mpho: when you say “not with all of them” you mean you slept with some of them?
Yoza: Please Mpho, do not judge e. It was just one of those guys, and only once since I did not see you often and I got lonely. I never meant to cheat.
Mpho: so what were you doing with the other guys?
Yoza: Nothing. I did not sleep with them. They were just my friends.

Mpho rubbed his forehead and said nothing. “let me get back inside, I am sure Cindy and Amanda are worried” she said while she stood up and ran inside the club. She came across Amanda and pulled her to the bathroom, she held Amanda there and cried softly on Amanda’s shoulder. Cindy got in as well and joined in, in the hug. After sometime of Yoza’s sobbing Cindy called a cab and they went out of there.

In the morning she got an sms from Mpho saying “Let us start afresh Yongama, put everything behind us and just start over”. She showed the sms to Cindy. The 3 girls had spent the night at Yoza’s place. She then told them what had happened

***Now 2/3 years later***

Cindy works in Port Elizabeth, she moved there after her graduation, she is currently vat ‘n sitting with a guy from PE whom she had been with for almost 2 years now and she stopped her sex crazy ways while doing her third year . Amanda got married to her boyfriend that we have been hearing about in the story. They got married while she was doing her last year and she was 22/23 years old and it was the guy’s second year working. They have one child. The 3 girls still meet up after a certain number of months and catch up. They always look back at the things they used to do and they laugh. They all admit that it was fun but would not do it now. They all love their men. Thando and friends are pursuing their careers as well in their different fields.

Mpho is working in Midrand, he has a house there and he upgraded his car. He and his fiancée have a one year child who lives with his grandparents in EC. The child sometimes visits her father’s family in Mpumalanag, but his mother does not like that. She says the baby is still too young to travel that far, besides it becomes too hard for her driving her car from EC to JHB alone with the child. Mpho is planing to move in with his fiancée and child, as soon as they get married, which could be anytime in a few months. Yoza has decided that she wants to get married in spring, and so it could be in September…

The end
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