Tim Goodman
by on November 14, 2014
We live in the eastern cape, ma dad works as a game warden. Last
year when i was 21 dad married ma stepmom who was then 27 she
is a sexy young lady. Dad sometimes stays away for weeks. Last
june i admired and became lustful, heavily craving to fuck ma step
mom. Luckily i learnt that she was also horney. It was on a sunday
when dad had already left for work, i thought of not wasting this chance, i started walking arround the house in ma BVDs which shew
the unresistable big tool of mine. To ma suprise after passing twice
through the kitchen door in ma BVDs ma step mom rushed to her
bedroom, when i wanted to take ma third trip i saw her bussy with
her dildo fucking herself moaning calling ma nickname Edie. I stood at
her door and watched her go on not knowing what to do next. My dick had seen it all and turned hard rocky throbbing with erection.
The scene took ma mind away, the next thing i realised was ma step
mom infront of me naked, without saying a word she kneeled and
pulled my pants down, took my rocky black banana shaped
circumsised big penis into he mouth, she gave me a almost five
minutes long blowjob i filled her face and mouth with cum, she swallowed all that was in her mouth. She took me to her bed and
positioned herself in a missionary style, i sticked my penis in her
tight pussy, she moaned with pleasure and continously called ma
name(Edie) she cum and squrted untill i lost count. After abt 30
minutes i climaxed i he pussy and we were now both tired we
cuddled for minutes, she still wanted more, i didn't care because i was fullfilling my dream. Mutually i leaked her pussy and played
with the clit while she was deep throately sucking my cock i again
cum i her mouth. I fucked her doggy style and she told me she
wanted to test anal sex. I directed ma cock to her ass and slid it in
slowly she moaned and groaned i assfucked her until i climaxed in
her asshole, she thanked me until today we do this, she sleeps in my bedroom every time if dad is not at home she is also jelous of ma gf
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WowIm sure u have a big dick to satiesfy me HAHAHA
ass fuck is the way to go
South Africa
I was gonna do the same
sound too good to be true..... nice story though!
thabo Motlhabane
Hmmm okay
Kagisho Dickson
Yah NEH!
Diamond Heart
Msunu wakho sani
Blah blah blah...all good stories...but no one really ever use a condom and that makes me wonder if we are not the ones to blame for the HIVd South Africa, come on guys I like the pussy too but the next time I get a chance to get layed with someone here...I'll definitely use a condom...we can't just...View More